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Jack Hunter hates Conspiracy Theorists and wants them purged

I think Jack Hunter is on a personal crusade against the conspiratorial elements of our movement. Of course Jack goes against the weakest link in the conspiracy chain, the movie 2016, to launch a tirade of straw man arguments against Conspiracy Theorists as a whole.

Says Jack Hunter:

"Tracey is criticizing Romney who apparently has been sprinkling his speeches with some of this D’Souza-esque conspiracy nonsense, sort of like when Donald Trump jumped on the Birther bandwagon–cheap, desperate and tacky.

The dangers posed by President Obama are a healthcare boondoggle that will make an already broken (in cost and in function) entitlement system far worse, his anti-business policies, assaults on civil liberties and the Constitution, a propensity for mindless war similar to his predecessor and his general lovefest with big government-New Deal statism. This is not secret. It is read about, debated and discussed each day, out in the open, everywhere from cable news to individual blogs.

But for many, no, there has to be something extra sinister about Obama, he is some sort of secret Kenyan Muslim Marxist trained by al-Qaeda, or whatever D’Souza can imagine next.

D’Souza’s film has done well. No surprise. There has always been a huge market for this stuff. Go look at many of the conspiracy theory videos on You Tube and plenty of them have thousands upon thousand of views. The dumbest ones often get the biggest audience.

This is because it’s easy. It’s salacious. It’s much more fun or sexy than talking about tax rates or NATO. Even when delving into things cerebral, the goofiest ideas can get far more attention than those more intellectually serious. If Austrian economics is The Godfather or Dr. Zhivago of intellectual pursuits, conspiracy theories are Honey Boo-Boo."

So, the more views a video gets on Youtube, the stupider the audience. Alex Jones has fought to keep the Obama Deception, Fall of the Republic and Endgame up on Youtube. This fight is a losing battle for Jones, but apparently, Jones' audience are idiots. As we speak, Endgame has 2,729,081 views with 16,126 likes and 737 dislikes. Guess this video is super stupid Jack even though it has an online bibliography. Thanks, you get a reward for the largest straw man ever constructed. Since I believe the information in Endgame (I confirmed a lot of it independently before I ever watched the movie), I guess I am an idiot.

In your intense hatred for those who think people in the government are evil and talk to each other in secret, you have missed the entire point about 'conspiracy theories'. I remember one time when talking about the Federal Reserve was a conspiracy theory. On who's back was the mainstream acceptance of the Fed built on? Obviously, not you Jack. You abhor people talking about government officials 'conspiring' behind close doors in secrecy. We should never talk about the Federal Reserve. To you, such talk is to be regulated to the 'lowest common denominator'.

Obviously, or elected officials are just bumbling fools who mean well. They do not conspire to rob us of our liberties. Nah, they just think passing the Patriot Act was to get the terrorist. The TSA, honest mistake, no conspiracy to rob the American people of more liberty there. In Jack's world, if you connect even two dots, you are a conspiracy theorist who must be purged from the liberty movement.

When does any of the seminal films, Endgame, America: Freedom to Fascism, Fall of the Republic, or the Obama Deception fall into the 'lowest common denominator' factor? They have 'millions' of views Jack so they must be just like 2016. The answer is they do not. You conflating 2016 with other 'Youtube documentaries' our movement has produced in order to discredit them is a disgrace! I hope Tucker Carlson is proud of your latest antics.

You told us in your screed against We Are Change that you would talk to anyone ranging from the Daily Paul to 'CNN'. How about you answer this? Else, you are losing credibility.

You can read the entire post at the Southern Avenger's blog:

The Endgame online bibliography which was created just in case people like Jack Hunter say we are liars.


Oh and one final bit from Jack:

What bothers me about people obsessed with conspiracy theories is not whether or not those theories are true. Some might be, or at least in part. What bothers me about people obsessed with conspiracy theories is not that they are “challenging the official story” as they invariably envision themselves as always gallantly doing. I think it’s always healthy to challenge official stories. It is not healthy, perhaps, to make up your own stories based on excited speculation, filter it through an angry or chaotic imagination and then wave before the world as “truth.”

Translation: Question, but keep it to yourselves, other people are trying to live the lie the best they can. They do not want to be woke up. Oh, and if you do try to wake people up, I will conflate bad conspiracy theories with good ones to discredit the good ones Cass Sunstein style.

Notes in the margin: Thank you Michael Nystrom for allow us to post, report and give opinion on matters in the liberty movement. We really are blessed to have you. I never have to worry about you pulling these sorts of antics lol.

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Picking who gets "liberty" is he?

Makes me wonder who else's tent he spends time in.
The "alternative" media has become just as controlled as the MSM

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Never cared

for his smarmy bad impersonation of Andy Rooney anyway. (Certainly no offense intended toward Andy Rooney.)


Never thought of him like that, but now that you point it out, DAMN funny in retrospect! Thank you, I needed that!

There is "Memory Hole" tactics...

even here too. Have you seen the endless threads where mods delete posts? The Schiff/Benton YouTube was removed, only to be restated when somebody did an article pointing out it's deletion recently... So question everything, especially those you trust the most. Because even those close to you can betray you or your principles if you give them too much rope, just look at the last RP campaign... The last saint, just retired... there are no more...

If MN wants to let the mods run the store, an be an absentee landlord, that's fine. But still it's his site, and everybody must be accountable. If there is one lesson to take from the last campaign, THAT is it...

I always thought he was an idiot.

I always thought he was an idiot.

And I still do.


Wisdom Strategies

I Love This Post

Very well thought out, and very well put.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Really? Send This Ignorant Sell Out A Gift! :)

I have a gift for him.

We can also make a mini-money bomb to get him a decent hairstylist.



He is not worth $50 to me but we are known to be generous.

But because WE ARE GENEROUS, we can afford to get him a decent hair stylist.

We cannot make him good looking nor intelligent: That would be impossible.

But we can get him a decent hair stylist.


Here is a gift for him. I don't think he deserves it but as I said:

We are known to be generous ♥

And who is this sorry little bastard to think he has the power to purge anyone? Hmmmm? We simply PURGE HIM. Done. That simple.

This is a gift for you, you sorry nobody:


Wisdom Strategies

I like conspiracy theories

It is always good to question things, even if (in many cases) most people can see the overwhelming evidence against them. Questioning things is how we learn, and also the main reason for the First Amendment protecting freedom of the press.

However, I can identify with Jack when it comes to conspiracy theorists who are relentless. The ones who, instead of just being skeptics, are actually convinced they know the truth of things, and all they need to do is trick someone who's "in-the-know" into spilling the beans in a harassing interview so everyone else can know as well.

We are not supposed to unquestioningly accept everything we are told by those in power. However, nor are we supposed to leap to conclusions without supporting evidence, or in the face of contradicting evidence.

As for WeAreChange, I think most of the work they do is good, asking uncomfortable questions shows they have more integrity than the MSM which has whored itself out to the establishment. However, *some* of what WAC does can go a little over the top, and I, like Hunter, wouldn't want that arm of the liberty movement mistaken as representing us all.

What is a Conspiracy Theory?

Is Jack referring to the official government list posted online?

Or is it just a phrase pundits use to discredit what they don't want to confront.

Free includes debt-free!

You Are So Funny!

***Note***: I am not making fun of you AT ALL. But you are funny :)

After all we have been through, we all could use a few laughs :)

Thank You ♥

A Theory is simply a Theory.

A Conspiracy is NOT a theory.

Simple as that.

It is one or the other unless someone is so lazy to not study FACTS.

"Conspiracy Theory" is a contradiction in terms.

Wisdom Strategies

There either is a conspiracy or not.

A crime was committed, there were one or more criminals.

Who are the suspects? Where are their weapons?

Free includes debt-free!

Cyril's picture

Well, thanks for the tip, Jack !

Well, thanks for the tip, Jack !

Now, here's a hint for you in turn :


And, as a side note, what you think we denounce as conspiracies are often, actually, TOTALLY UNCONTROVERSIAL FACTS, well documented or even ADVERTISED... How cool is that ?!

Example :

Do you need a drawing about this, Jack ?

Really :


DO you ?

Well, guess what, Jack : I DON'T need a drawing, there.

Yet, I'm sure I'm no smarter than you are.

But, see, I do pay attention to simple things. Even, and especially, the UGLIEST and most obnoxious ones.

'Hope this helps !


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Jackie Is A True Conspiracy "Theorist".

Jackie Is A True Conspiracy "Theorist".

Turn The Tables on him.

I should not be spending ONE SECOND of my life writing about this guy, but I could not help myself with MOE.

Here is Jackie Boy: http://youtu.be/073nqGYPAco

Wisdom Strategies

All the more reason to like

Jack Hunter

I enjoyed Jack Hunter when I

I enjoyed Jack Hunter when I first started reading his work a year or so ago. I don't have the same interest in reading him any more after seeing him diss ( I'm 58, bear with me, is it "diss"? ) the reporter from we are change I thought he's showing similar behavior to some of the more arrogant members of the press. That shows how immature he is. He's not ready to be a spokesperson for anyone at this point in my opinion, he has some growing up to do first.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

Maturity, Intelligence and Wisdom Win :)

Maturity, Intelligence and Wisdom Win :)

I am rather young, but the obvious is...well: Obvious!

Wisdom Strategies

FYI: "Stupider" is not a

FYI: "Stupider" is not a real word.

No. Of Course It Isn't. You did not invent it, did you?

No. Of Course It Isn't. You did not invent it, did you?

I have not seen "stupidier" on this thread. Maybe it is there somewhere. I looked and couldn't find it.

George W. Bush would have said that. Flashback.

(That is a bad flashback. Who wants to remember that).

Wisdom Strategies

The word was used in the body

The word was used in the body of the story text. See above... way, way above.

BurningSirius, there is nothing controversial about this quote..

""What bothers me about people obsessed with conspiracy theories is not whether or not those theories are true. Some might be, or at least in part. What bothers me about people obsessed with conspiracy theories is not that they are “challenging the official story” as they invariably envision themselves as always gallantly doing. I think it’s always healthy to challenge official stories. It is not healthy, perhaps, to make up your own stories based on excited speculation, filter it through an angry or chaotic imagination and then wave before the world as “truth.”"

I empathize with the premise of this post and about going after 'conspiracy theorists' as a whole, but if you take this paragraph at its face value, I 100% agree. Jack Hunter, in this paragraph, delivered the blunt truth. I don't agree with all of Jack Hunter's actions (like calling security), but these words quoted above are right on. We are outnumbered here on the DP, but I am not alone in this opinion.

Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, there are 'conspiracy theorists' who are making up things as truth and engaging in wild sensationalism. Every time there is a national tragedy the liberty forums are blitzed by Infowarriors and NaturalNewsers with explanations about the underlying conspiracies and accusations against secret government programs. It goes far beyond healthy skepticism and rational questions.

I'm sorry you are offended by Jack Hunter, but I agree with him about the Bilderberg paranoia. I don't think confronting high profile figures about their roles in Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, the Masons, only to have them laugh it off every single time helps the movement whatsoever. In fact I think it harms our credibility. They aren't finding any answers with these confrontations and accusations, all they are doing is entertaining the 'conspiracy theorists' watching the videos.

And don't even get me started about MK-Ultra.


we can debate the merits of each conspiracy. I did not immediately respond to avoid knee jerk reaction and to give a thoughtful response/critique. Yes, there are some that are ridiculous like Vatican ninjas and such. Those should not be confused with real conspiracies. That Bohemian Grove you cite, did you know the plans for the Atomic Bomb were created there? They boast about it in there own magazines. Yet, nothing suspicious goes on there, nor does it ever need to see the light of day. PNAC, the Project for a New American Century, is also an inconvenient white paper that undermines most of the conspiracy haters.

People like you and Jack Hunter like to conflate bad conspiracies with good ones (ones with tons of evidence like the Federal Reserve) in order to create cognitive dissonance within the movement, whether you realize it or not.

Now, conspiracies are bad, unless it is the Federal Reserve in which case you can talk about it for the powers that be in the liberty movement have said so. Do you see the hypocrisy in that?

You know Lew Rockwell regularly links to Infowars. I guess Lew Rockwell is just a kooky sensationalist. Yes, some of their antics are that way, but in the end, they are more right than wrong. I listen to Alex for his guests (Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul, Tom Woods and so on) because he gives us a great forum to get our ideas out. I would take Alex Jones any day above Sean Hannity.

On the record, I clash with my brothers on the subject of Rand and other 'traitors' quite regularly because I am rational about Rand Paul. I also came out against We Are Change when they tried to start stuff with Jack Hunter. Please do not think you have a monopoly on rational discourse just because someone is talking about the CFR, Bilderburg, or the Trilateral Commission. They are not mermaids as Jack Hunter suggests.

In the end, you too believe in conspiracy theories Mark, even when they are official:


Never question that story... EVER. If you do, humanity should revile you.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
Follow me on Twitter @ http://twitter.com/Burning_Sirius

appreciate your posts

My two frustrations are 1) the MK-Ultra nonsense and 2) promoting ideas that there's 1,000s of evil people in the world running things.

The reality is most people do bad things thinking they are doing good. Collectivism, centralization of power and world government have all been taught to us as good things. There is a "conspiracy" involving this, which could also be described as clever marketing or propaganda (see http://historians.org).

As Ron says, it's a philosophical fight. It's not good vs evil.

sharkhearted's picture

I would recommend purging...Jack Hunter

...by ignoring him.

He continues to alienate people with his semi-establishmentarian attempts at "ring-leading".

Its not working, Jack.

Guess how long its been since I've read your blog?

And that unsubscribe function came in handy, too.

Thankfully, the louder and more obvious you become in your attempts to ring-lead, the more you turn people away.

As you have said yourself, "Libertarians do not like to be told what to do or how to think."


Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Worst. Accent. Ever.

I really do hate that man.

I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: "O Lord make my enemies ridiculous." And God granted it.

All roads lead to the federal reserve

Stay on target Audit the FED, END the FED

"don't care about the truth"

Jack's statement doesn't really help. Objective people should be able to at least analyze which theories could be true and which would be effective to focus on in the context of winning supporters.

I do think the theory put forth in 2016 is ridiculous. It seems like a false right-left paradigm. The truth is scarier: Obama doesn't have some secret motive. He thinks he's doing good things as do most other politicians and government workers. And everyone around him, represents everything every President ever has.

Nothing is different.

But the one conspiracy theory, Collectivism, enabled by endless war and defined by the 7 stages of Economic Integration, marches forward.

I used to enjoy listening to his . . .

pithy anti-war 'sermons'--

but I think that too many are making too much of Hunter--

time to let him 'be'--

and move on--

in my opinion--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

He's angry at the people who called him out

This is where he goes on the offensive and shows himself for what he always was. Get ready for some "Paultards" from Jack Hunter.

Called him out?

We Are Change called themselves out

I Agree with Jack

I love conspiracy theory, knowing it's all theory. Nine-one-one for exaple, has a lot of issues/problems, from demolation to foreign policy. Ron Paul went with the Forgein Policy, "Blowback". To think that an event that has become conspiracy theory is going to get justice, or establish truth is not what Ron Paul rEVOLution is about. Conspiracy theory is long on promblems but short on solutions. Ron Paul is solution orientated.

It's about Restoring America to constitutional government and the best way we might be able to achieve that. Talking about 911 is not going to get the job done. Learning Robert's Rules of Order, how government is set up, getting involved, is what is important.

Jack and those of us who chose to fight within the GOP would be doing those who elected us and our support, like Jack, a huge diservice if we were to focus on conspiracy theory rather than the "Patriot Acts" landing on the table in resolutions, inniatives and party platforms. There is a huge learning curve to getting an elected seat and many voices, who want representation, so while conspiracy theory may be entertaining, it's not going to stop the Patriot Acts from being established.