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Imagine what we could do for the next Ron Paul

When we started out in 2007 we had to start from scratch. It took 4 years to go from 2% in the primaries to 10%.

Now we have the numbers to deny Mitt Romney the nomination. They are scared. That is not enough though, liberty must win in this election.

There is a point of critical mass where the voters realize that the candidate they support will not win, and that is the tipping point in an election.

When the Republican voters see a 3rd party candidate becoming a spoiler, they have 2 choices, they can:
1. Vote for the GOP nominee and hope for the best
2. Join the insurgent 3rd party to ensure a defeat of the incumbent President.

Imagine the Libertarian party becoming the critical mass needed to switch over GOP voters. We have the power already to defeat Romney. That is 100% already. We now must inform the GOP voters that they have a choice for a conservative since Mitt Romney can no longer win this election. They are already trying to blame us for Romney's defeat before it has even happened, so why not accept that blame and offer the GOP voters a second choice to join with us, the tireless minority.

If we did for Gary Johnson now what we did for Ron Paul, we could change the election to a complete victory for Liberty. Perhaps inspiring Ron Paul to get involved again should he see the critical mass occurring.

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I don't watch much TV, but I

I don't watch much TV, but I find it hard to believe cnn, fox, msnbc, or the rest would even mention the word Libertarian, let alone third party.

Remember this is the same media that convinced Southern and Biblebelt Republicans that Mitt freaking Romney was their only option.

We make our own news

They did the same thing to Ron Paul, so how did we get his name out? We need to do the same thing.

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Internet news is becoming more popular....

That may be true, however more and more Americans are getting their news directly from the internet now, and it's a trend that is strengthening. This has a huge, positive impact on the Liberty Movement.

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