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Need some help with questions about running for office

I have a couple of questions regarding running for the U.S. House of Representatives. I am a 21 year old business owner in Murfreesboro, TN. I started my computer/IT business a little over one year ago and have been rather successful for someone of my age and now have two employees working for me. I am also finishing up my bachelors at MTSU with a double major in Computer Information Systems and Psychology. I have been a Ron Paul fan and supporter since before his 2008 presidential bid and like many of my liberty brothers and sisters I am growing tired of the endless promises of Washington.

Currently in my district Diane Black is up for re-election and will likely be elected again this term. Her voting record as a republican is typically down the line establishment as she supports the bailouts and all of the rest of the horrendous things occurring in Washington. Her husband's construction company has been accused of getting contracts because of her office as well.

My personal position as a office-holder would be very much related to Ron Paul. Like he said in his speech at the Paul Rally in Tampa, it's unrealistic to read every single bill, but he instructs his office aids to point out one section that is unconstitutional. I hope to be able to maintain his record on voting for the constitution and not for the status quo.

I guess some of my questions revolve around where do you start in running for office? Am I being unrealistic or naive in wishing to shoot for a Federal office in my first bid? Her primary this year was very close and I know with the proper support I could wedge myself in and we could add another liberty candidate to the house. Any advice that you think would be helpful (other than not to run at all) would be appreciated. My goal is to be ready for a campaign in 2-6 years.

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My thoughts

I'm not an elected official and haven't run for any public office. My advice may be no more than armchair quarterbacking. That said, with that kind of lead time, I would start talking to people in your district. I mean, really talking to them and following up with them. Since your fate will likely be decided in the primary, find out who voted in the primary cycle. These are the people that will be the decision-makers. Either you get the Republicans that voted in the primary to vote for you, or you get Dems and independents to vote for you in the primary. This will depend on what your state's rules are such as if you are open primary or closed primary, etc.

If you can get the list of primary voters, go door-knock those homes and try to find out what their key issues are. Find out those areas that they are feeling under-served by their current representative. Don't attack at this point, you're only discovering where your focus needs to be at.

I think you are going to find out that for many people, the economy is the single greatest issue. It will be difficult, but you can gradually get these people educated on the real causes of our economic pain. Don't get too far into an issue because some people aren't going to get it. You can simply point out that the dollar held most of it's value for the first 130+ years of it's existence but after the creation of the FED, that it has lost over 97% of it's value. It's really that simple. Also, since many Republicans are pretty hawkish, you will have to appeal in some way to their desire to wage war without committing to a position that compromises your beliefs. You can do this by stating that you believe in just wars when they are for defensive means. It comes off as hawkish but still limits you to Constitutionally-approved wars only such as a homeland invasion.

Republicans generally support tax breaks for the wealthy because they see the wealthy as job creators who need to be free of government chains in order to create jobs. This is halfway in the right direction as Paul would want all Americans to be free of taxes. You do support cutting back taxes but focus on scaling back the need for taxes to begin with. If we didn't have a large government and social programs, etc., then we wouldn't need so much tax revenue. It's easier to cut taxes when you don't need the money.

Name recognition will do a lot. Just be sure they know your name and that you aren't out of touch with them. If they email you, you must respond. If they call, you must respond. Also, go to your party meetings and find out who will help you campaign by walking neighborhoods, etc.

I want to add that I'm proud to hear about your intentions. We need Pauliticians at every level of government. If we had 535 Pauliticians in the legislative branch of government, it wouldn't matter if Stalin was the President. Veto-proof majorities, legislators with the spine to impeach, turning a deaf ear to lobbyists, etc.


I agree with many of the

I agree with many of the points you made. This is why I want to become active in government, because this is what Ron Paul wants for all of us in our movement if this movement is going to survive or be productive in making real change.

On the war front I feel like it will be fairly easy to keep my values intact and gain support or relate to my constituency at the same time. The way I think of it is the same way Ron Paul speaks of it in his book the Revolution which is using the christian just war theory in terms of war. When applying this theory to war we really have not been just in our wars since world war 2.

I also feel like applying many of the same business tactics I have used to become successful (at least successful for my age) would help to gain support. Many of them involve the same tactics you mentioned which means picking up the phone 100% of the time, calling people back when I do miss it, and responding to emails even if they are hard positions to respond to. Fortunately in business I have also gained the opportunity to meet many business owners in the local area and in the next few years will likely meet many more as well.

I tend to agree it will be a hard fight to take positions against the fed and educating the constituency without going too deep into it and losing their train of thought.

Great points. However, I'm

Great points.

However, I'm just curious to hear your logic on how the US involvement in WWII was justified? Perhaps you aren't aware we were poking Germany and Japan with a stick before they attacked us?


To be completely honest I am

To be completely honest I am not one hundred percent versed in the history of WWII so to further state how it was justified would be a farce on my end. From what I do know we did indeed poke them with a stick by ruining Germany's economy and cutting off Japanese oil supplies, but it does seem like it was one war that is at least more justified than our needless war on terror from which our government now fights enemies of our own creation.

The main point was not so much that WWII was justified but more that the self-proclaimed christians that rally against abortion need to at least recognize the just-war theory.