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Pep Talk

After a crushing defeat in 2012, where we have witnessed tricks, corruption and propaganda used against the liberty movement it is so easy to be devastated.

Sprinkle all of the bad news of the current events on top of that, and liberty supporters are on the verge of flat lining. Cynicism sets in, and those who were once shoulder to shoulder now pick each other apart.

It looks like it's over, what's the point? The machine is too powerful, take a knee, let the clock run out and just forget the whole thing.

In my mind, I viewed you all as gallant warriors. I saw you all charging on horses with swords drawn ready to fight for liberty to the end.

In the sky, in the background of that picture, I saw the shadows of those millions of U.S. troops who fought to the end, who in their last moments of life thought about their families and country and how much they loved both.

I thought about those brave people, who against all odds, did the craziest thing, and charged directly at the enemy knowing their fate, but inspired others to charge and fight.

Now, I know you're tired, I know you're beat up, and I know you're probably broke.

But there is a spirit inside of you that just won't die. YOU can't be stopped, YOU can't be written off. And if this corrupt system thinks this fight is over, they'd better think again.

When asked of Dr. Paul the #1 message he would want to resonate, he said "Liberty".

Don't trash fellow liberty lovers. Let's get ready for the next fight.

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