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Holy Crap - Jerry Doyle Has Replaced Michael Savage - This Is Good For Us

Jerry Doyle has officially replaced Michael Savage on the radio. It became official today. Jerry is the only nationally syndicated talk show host in the top 10 who endorsed Ron Paul. He has now gone from 6th largest show in the country to now having the stations of the 3rd largest show in the country. His message of liberty and true conservatism is now coast to coast on hundreds of stations 8+ million listeners. This is a major victory for us.

The call in number for the show is 1-800-449-8255. Load up the phone lines and let Jerry know we are happy he is where he is now.

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I'm literally

I'm literally speechless...What's the catch? This is just simply too good to be true.

Listening now to the Jerry Doyle show...

For the first time on my local radio station !


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Not sure how they rate these

Not sure how they rate these guys, but isn't Mike Church in the top nationally syndicated shows as well? He is on Sirius radio, big Ron Paul fan.

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Sirius isn't nationally syndicated

Satellite radio is different

I am s-o-o-o happy to see Savage gone.

At the urging of a friend, I checked out some programs on line. I thought I couldn't dislike him more after I heard him call Ron Paul "Dr. Mengele." Then I heard his temper tantrum rant on going to war with Iran (also saying our rights here were just in the way, and we needed to get rid of them). I hope he has a nice life... forever off radio.

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Great news! Go Jerry ps- fyi

Great news! Go Jerry

ps- fyi he played one of my favorite characters, Michael Garibaldi on one of the best Sci-Fi TV shows ever made; Babylon 5, so its great to have him as a voice for freedom!

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That is awesome

Doyle is hands down our best ally on the radio.

To the post below: very little chance of Jerry being co-opted. Hell would freeze over first imo.

Good for Jerry

though I worry about this promotion of his...I don't think you can be in the top bracket of political radio talkers and NOT be co-opted somehow. There is obviously a powerful force driving the rhetoric on the airwaves whether it's the CIA or some all-powerful think tank etc, those guys take directives (Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh etc) So i hope he can retain his independence and espouse the freedom message as he does now, and doesn't just turn into another co-opting d-bag like Glenn Beck.

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While reasonable, the case is probably much simpler.

I'm assuming they just didn't have anyone else that wanted to replace that time slot with a big enough audience since if you have a set time you're expecting your listeners to tune in at a specific time. Different for Doyle since his audience is us, who follow his show in a more fluid way. We don't care about time slots I would think.