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Romney's support in Arizona is falling off a cliff - latest polls

His lead has just about halved in the last 2 weeks.

Arizona GOP chairman sent a letter to RNC complaining that Az had been taken over by Ron Paul supporters and it would severely affect their ground game.

Serves them right, for the Romney/Priebus Stalinist antics in the primaries and Tampa.

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Dear AZ GOP,

My compliments on your strategy. You won the RNC and all you had to do was throw away any chance you had in nationals. You put on a heck of a show.

All we had to do was pull back the curtains.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

But Obama isn't rising compared to Romney's fall

So I think most undecideds left are waiting to see what happens in the debate.

Hard to believe he dropped 6-8 points in a month though. Wow.

Funny how the tone changes from "Ron Paul has virtually no support, just a handful of dedicated activists" to claiming that we are sinking Romney's ship.

Ruck Fomney.

Romney Never.

Never Never Never.


How Do You know about the Letter to the RNC?

You say the Arizona Chairman sent a letter complaining about the Ron Paul people. Do you have a link to an article on this? I didn't see anything on real clear politics. How do you know about this?

it was posted a while back

he basically said it almost would've been better if the Ron Paul people took the majority because then they'd be able to get stuff done. he further said as it sits now they are always at a stalemate.

AZ not happy with RomneyCare or Gun Control

Or maybe Abortion.

Or for the government pimping Patent medicines over medicines provided by nature for free.

One wonders?

Free includes debt-free!