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Sept 11th Poll

What is your opinion on the possibility (and likelihood) that Sept 11th was an inside job?

I'd like to break it into categories:
A) I'm convinced it was an inside job
B) I think there's a good chance it was an inside job
C) I'm not sure but I'm open to the idea that it could've been an inside job
D) I highly doubt it was an inside job but never say never
E) I think there's no way it was an inside job
F) I think there's no way it was an inside job and anyone who thinks otherwise is way too paranoid

Also, if you are in category A, B or C, I'm wondering how long ago you started to think that way. Also, I'm wondering for those "recent converts", what was it that changed your mind? (e.g. that PBS documentary).

Personally I'm somewhere between B and C and that PBS documentary was what made me reconsider my position (which previously was E)

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There's just too much coverup by the gunmint.

2 Chron 7:13-14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

E. 911 was a media event

The term "inside job" is designed and promoted to inactivate the opposition. OK, it was an inside job, and where do we go from here?I'll let some real sheep illustrate this position:


The term "inside job" should be banned. It was a media event, real as The War of the Worlds.


A, Since before the 2nd plane hit.



A. At first I was going to put between A and B but there is just so many things that happened that nobody else could have made happen.

A or A/B

3 buildings in one day falling into their own footprints - not possible without major pre-planning.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Somewhere between A and

Somewhere between A and B.
The only reason I don't say A is that I'm not sure it counts as an "inside job" if the government found out about it and allowed it to happen. I'm not sure exactly who carried out the act, but I feel pretty safe in concluding that the buildings were brought down by controlled demolitions. I learned about this in 2007 during the presidential primary season, and the evidence has only gotten stronger over time. There are various theories out there, and I can't really pick one for certain, but I can tell you that the official 9/11 commission version is not true.

I think this is the best video to introduce someone to the topic, or just to sum up everything in 15 min.

This is a nice scientific documentary with Steven Jones from BYU explaining what he found in the World Trade Center dust if you want to add another 45 min of video:

Secret Service Sat Still

I tend to think that the government discovered a plot, let it happen and possibly enhanced it to make sure it didn't fail so that it could use it as an excuse to do what has been done over the past 11 years. One of the things that struck me as odd while we were all watching the events unfold live was this; Bush, after he was given the news while at the elementary school, not only sat there for about three minutes, BUT WAS ALLOWED TO SIT THERE FOR THREE MINUTES!!! Where the hell was the Secret Service? Why didn't they wisk him away to a safe haven immediately? After all, we are supposed to believe that this was a surprise attack on the U.S., with no one knowing to what extent or how far reaching the plot. Our President was out in a public area, protected only by humans (not a missile defense system) and was able to sit there and ponder. The Secret Service should have grabbed him (even if it was against his will) and taken him to an undisclosed area. He sat there with a look on his face as if he were thinking “Oh God , our plan is really happening…we’re really doing it”. I’m just saying, I think it looked very odd. Think about when the attempt was made on Reagan. The Secret Service through him into the back of a limousine because they heard what sounded like a gun shot. There reaction was automatic. It turns out it was a gun shot, but at that moment for all they knew it could have been a car backfiring. My point is they acted immediately without second guessing. Why wouldn’t they react the same way during a live attack being broadcast on live TV? Odd.

This was the opposition to RON PAUL in 2008 and why the Media tried so hard to ignore him then. They are the same organizations that own the Media and the Banks that are responsible this election season for trying so blatantly to suppress his momentum now


Not inside, but Mossad.


On the night it happened I told my family "Bush let it happen."

Sad part is, I Defended it. Thought it was a Good thing.

Towers were bombed in basement in 1993, imo to make the towers Topple. It failed, but those in charge of the buildings, the city, etc... knew it was still a target. Was also aware there was most likely help from the inside on that one too.

I think the biggest fear was that the towers would Topple, crushing all the buildings around them for several blocks.

So after the 1993 bombing, they had 7 or 8 Years to rig the buildings so they wouldn't Topple, but fall straight down. It was hush hush because... who would work in a rigged building?

I think some of the documents that Sandy Burger stole, were part of that information.

I was kinda on board at the time in the thought that we needed a "new pearl harbor" as I was thinking thoughts like "There's people out there that want to kill us and we're talking about gay marriage? WTF? I hope we get hit so people will wake up."

So the buildings were allowed to be hit, and the contingency was put into action saving lives and property by killing/destroying only those in the immediate area instead of for several blocks if the towers Toppled.

Those were some of my thougts at the time, in brief.

Candid *

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I'm 23 years old and I've always favored questioning authority. I was googling illuminati in like middle school, but can't quite explain why I was so drawn to the "conspiracy world". guess I was born a "truther", lol

EDIT: I use the term truther loosely in this statement. I don't really now what the actual defintion of truther is; but if thinking 9/11 was a Zionist act by mossad/CIA and certain people in high places. then sure, I'm a truther.

My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
How to Handle POLICE STATE Encounters

Truther = conspiracy nut

Don't ever use the term. It was created by the establishment for the very purpose of smearing anyone that doesn't believe the official lie.

Thanks for the advice, I'll

Thanks for the advice, I'll remember that, lol. How about "Free thinker"?

My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
How to Handle POLICE STATE Encounters

How about just someone with questions?

You don't need a label unless you want people to try to automatically categorize you. That's why the media loves assigning labels, i.e. "birther," "birtcher," "teabagger," "Paulian," Paulite," "terrorist," etc. If they can get a label to stick, then they can smear anyone they want simply by repeatedly smearing the label, and then sticking it on anyone they want.

I had always had suspicions

but I never started looking into it until about half a year ago. I really just started watching youtube videos and the puzzle pieces fit together from there.

I would recommend watching the videos of the flight patterns of the "hijacked" planes, the flight recordings revealing that flight 93 landed in Cleveland, anything pointing out the Mossad ground agents in NYC, the video of Larry Silverstien saying "pull it" [building 7], the BBC news broadcast reporting on the collapse of building 7 a half hour before it did, with the building still standing in the background of their broadcast, pictures and witness videos of the flight 93 "wreckage" in Pennsylvania (there was none to speak of nor any bodies), the one surveillance video the "plane" hitting the pentagon (obviously not a commercial airliner like was alleged) and them recovering no bodies. The list really can go on from there but those are some of the big ones to me that really revealed how much of a lie the whole official cover-story is.

If you have an hour and forty minutes, David Icke explains a lot of it well in a segment of one of his presentations:


A - 5 years ago.

Totally changed the direction of my life, positively, and made me the person I am today; strong, independent, loving, family man.

I've dedicated thousands of hours to bringing the facts of 9/11 to the public. The harder the hill to climb, the more rewarding the achievement becomes when you clear the summit.

Being a 9/11 activist has made me a much more astute activist all around, which I am very thankful for the experiences and people I've talked to.

9/11 activist for life.



Watch this dry yet astonishing Dr. Robert Beck cancer treatment lecture on Google Video - search "Suppressed Medical Discovery" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkiX0jJJozk

Encouraging Report,

+1, thanks for sharing. May you find more strength & Light.
with best wishes for your efforts.

I became enraged at our

I became enraged at our government's treatment of the people in New Orleans after Katrina and started doing research. Until then I had just assumed that explosives were in the buildings. When I discovered what the official report said, there is no doubt in my mind that two airplanes brought down the towers, that is physically impossible and it is an insult to the American people to be told such bald faced BS. How could anybody with an ounce of common sense believe such an outlandish lie ?

9/11 is absolutely not an inside job

In the sense that the "government" did it. Who is the "government?" It's millions of people, millions of people that don't know anything about 9/11 other than the lies they've been told.

When a postal worker goes nuts and murders dozens of people, is that an inside job of the post office? Of course not! It's the act of a criminal, whom happens to be employed by the post office.

9/11 is the same, it's the act of a few criminals that worked in the government, but was mostly committed by foreigners.

"Inside Job" is a self-discrediting descriptor, no different from "truther," "birther," "bircher," etc. So stop using it!

9/11 is a crime and there are certainly some criminals that worked for the government that participated in it. But that doesn't make it a "government inside job."

When someone doesn't know much about 9/11 and you tell them it's an "inside job" you have automatically discredited anything else you say.

Cheney & Bush had the most to gain...

Dick, Bush, and Rummy had the most power to gain from those towers falling, and they also happen to be the same three people who could have given the USAF stand-down that day.

If you look at both the motive trail and the paper trail, it's hard to imagine how this could have been OK'd by anyone other than the highest 2-3 people in the executive branch at the time.

Sorry, but I'd call that an inside job.


That's the wrong term to use if you want to educate people

If you want them to tune you out, go right ahead and fall into the trap of using it. But, I advise against it. There's a reason the media always claims it's "truthers" or "consipracy nuts" that specifically believe in an "inside job."

Don't get outplayed.

The "commited by foreigners

The "commited by foreigners crap" is just another desperate attempt to deny the truth. We all need to be able to trust our government but when the truth hits you in the face, there is no going back. Listen to George W. Bush's speech the very night of the attack and then a week later when he lied about weapons of mass destruction and started a war that has cost thousands of people thier life with noend in sight 11 years later. It took more than a few criminals to control the media, silence the witnesses, brainwash the American people, destroy the evidence and control the so called investigation. This was a well thought out plan and part of it was to cause emotional trauma by making sure it was broadcasted liVe on TV. They wanted to be sure that we watched our own people suffer and die. Such a cruel, slow and painful death they suffered simply or the effect it would have on the American psyche, and AREN'T THE MAJORITY OF US STILL IN DENIAL and haven't we been exploited and manipulated ever since ?

Hundreds of Israeli spies were arrested

Including active Israeli military Explosive Ordinance teams. How much more obvious does it need to be.


This is how all major crimes are committed. There are a few crime bosses at the top funding and controlling things and hundreds of operators taking orders. Bush may have let it happen, Cheney was probably involved in planning to let or make it happen, and other government officials were involved too, but most of the dirty work was done by foreign operatives.

I think 911

was mostly an Israeli massad operation with help from some well placed zionist. So, I would say 911 was an outside-inside-out job. My closet answer to your offering would be A

Fact is FAA found no physical evidence of planes at 4 sites.

With the planes out of the picture, then what?

Free includes debt-free!

Yeah - bad poll

Most DPer's see 9/11 in a post and pass it by.


It because most DP'ers are very short sighted. End the FED, good. 9/11, bad. End the wars, good. Talking about fluoride, Bad. These problems do not exist in a vacuum. You cant talk about with out the other.

A - without question

If you've seen "Loose Change 9/11" and Jesse Ventura's episode on 9/11 is hard not to come to conclusion that it's an inside job.

A since about 2005. first i

A since about 2005. first i read an article on an alternative news site and then started watching some videos. it was pretty mind blowing when i came to the realization that it was an inside job and took while to digest it. after that i knew i had to question everything that i'd been told. 9-11 was the shattering of the belief that the powers that be really care about us. they don't which is why they must be overthrown. peace.

f___ all forms of govt.