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Sept 11th Poll

What is your opinion on the possibility (and likelihood) that Sept 11th was an inside job?

I'd like to break it into categories:
A) I'm convinced it was an inside job
B) I think there's a good chance it was an inside job
C) I'm not sure but I'm open to the idea that it could've been an inside job
D) I highly doubt it was an inside job but never say never
E) I think there's no way it was an inside job
F) I think there's no way it was an inside job and anyone who thinks otherwise is way too paranoid

Also, if you are in category A, B or C, I'm wondering how long ago you started to think that way. Also, I'm wondering for those "recent converts", what was it that changed your mind? (e.g. that PBS documentary).

Personally I'm somewhere between B and C and that PBS documentary was what made me reconsider my position (which previously was E)

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Poll is no more valid than any of the MSM political polls.

You limit the possibilities to either official story or inside job, and you don't even define what you mean by an inside job.
Just as with MSM polls, it can be used only to measure how effective the "inside job" propaganda has been.

Undo what Wilson did

Feel Free To Add A Choice

If the existing ones don't cover the spectrum of choices.

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Not my "poll".

No disrespect intended kevink.
Also, when you read most respondents base their information on the outright lies from AE rather than factual data, again, the only thing you will discover is how effective those misleading videos have been. Until people open their eyes and realize it is within the realm of possibility those buildings collapsed without detonation, I'm afraid "truthers" will never discover the truth, for they have eliminated 99% of all possibility in one fell swoop based strictly on it seeming to be impossible with no hard proof.
Ps: I have only recently opened my own eyes, having believed Gage and his ilk for a long time.

Undo what Wilson did

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Does it have to be "inside job" or "not inside job"?

What about: it wasn't what we have been told, and needs to be investigated because we really don't know?

Why is it important? Why do we keep bringing it up? Because that action changed America. The President announced a license for religious prejudice and hatred, excuses for war were based on 9/11 and the sacrifice of civil liberties was now a patriotic duty. We became a police state that worships the military. Debunk 9/11 and everything changes.

Truth matters.

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

It goes way beyond that

If the Bush family was involved, that would be devastating to this country. Between George H.W. and George Dubya, they were either president or vice-president for 20 out of 28 years. Jeb was a governor of Florida for 8 years as well. And Prescott was a Senator in CT for 11 years back in the day too.

See into the past...


Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

I'm an A but

Why does 911 keep coming up here at the Daily Paul. Is it so later on people can just say that "those Paul people are just a bunch of 911 truthers"? I believe our govt. is involved in a lot of cover ups, but I also believe that this isn't the forum to vent on these subjects.(even though I have in the past)

I'm an A

For me it is clear that the official story is just that, a story. As far as "Who did it?" Who knows, it could have been any number of people. Was it an "inside job?" Well some one had to plan, install the explosives , and execute the controlled demolition, so yes I would say there were people on the ground and had been for weeks in order to "pull" the buildings.

The way I came to this understanding is by watching movies on 9/11. The 1st one I ran into by accident I downloaded a movie and it turned out not to be the movie I thought I had downloaded, it was "Loose Change"

This was a very interesting movie and made me think " WTF???? How can this be??" So I started to do some more research. Next I ran into the Zeitgeist movies. They opened my mind to bigger issues, but also showed that there is this climate of lawlessness in our country and in the world.



The next movie I found is a movie called "Zero- and investigation into 9/11" I really liked this one. Made by people outside the USA. Great movie but the audio track starts to not line up with the video, and it get worse as the movie goes. It is not that bed but if you read lips it bugs.


The last one I will post up here is from the folks at Architects and Engineers for a 9//11 truth. This is there follow up movie "Experts speak out", If this does not convince you then you are just not listening.


I welcome any response or feedback.

Have a great day everyone.

A. Emphatically. But inside

A. Emphatically. But inside includes Mossad, as well as CIA elements. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth website convinced me in 2009. Ryan Dawson convinced me of Mossad involvement in 2011 with his docu War By Deception. David Ray griffin's Debunking 9/11 Debunking keeps me aware of how messed up the official government conspiracy theory is.

A. Emphatically. But inside

A. Emphatically. But inside includes Mossad, as well as CIA elements.

B. There is, at the very

B. There is, at the very least, something being kept from us. No way the official story is true.



“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul


Not convinced on who was behind the inside job, but do absolutely believe the bldgs came down from controlled demolition and not the planes. AE911 Blueprint for Truth changed my mind from about a D.

A. Box cutters...enough said.

A. Box cutters...enough said.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

A) I'm convinced it was an inside job...

Between terrorist, Israelis and certain Federal Government Officials.

Have felt this way for about 2 years after seeing so many documentaries on the internet. My favorite...


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