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The American Vote and My Endorsement for President of the United States of America (2012 Edition)

I just wrote something about putting thought into one's vote and included a blip about who I endorse for 2012 POTUS with a couple reasons. Feel free to check it out:


Text of article:

There are three main points to this article.

1. I encourage every American citizen out there to spend some quality time on how to cast their invaluable vote for America’s next president. You have a voice – don’t let it be marginalized. No vote is more “wasted” than the next – every vote counts the same. Use all available resources: the growth of the internet has brought a wealth of information to your fingertips – you can find information on all the candidates, including their history, where they stand on important issues and so forth. If you are against wars, for example, and that is an issue that is important to you, find a candidate who has stated and shown that he is against wars as well. The easiest way to start is with a simple web search, but be sure to use several sites/resources in order to help ensure that you are getting factual/more objective information. Many seemingly “objective” articles or shows often have hidden or even visible subtext trying to sway you in one direction or another, so be wary. I suggest taking a visit to the website www.ontheissues.com to see where an objective assessment matches you to each candidate. Again, this is simply another resource to help you decide how you want to use your precious vote.

2. While many people put a lot of weight on endorsements, your vote is just that – it’s your vote. Don’t be pressured into things you don’t feel perfectly okay with. Just because you and your best friend share a lot of the same beliefs doesn’t mean you have to vote for the candidate that they think you should or that they are voting for. An endorsement shouldn’t really affect the way you are going to vote, because you are voting for a person, and other people endorsing that person does not change who they are and what they believe. There is a possibility that you could learn some information about the candidate by the endorser’s reasons stated for choosing the endorsee however. A vote is a very individual thing and you should vote for whom you think is best suited for the position. A lot of people are going to try to convince you that you are “wasting” your vote if you don’t vote for their guy, but this is never true. The mindset that elections are predetermined prior to the vote is false – if everyone does their research and votes for the candidate they actually agree with the most on, then good candidates can actually emerge as the lead vote-getter, especially in this day of modern communication. Never compromise your vote.

3. Now it’s time for my endorsement (again, this is simply my choice and should not affect your vote). I endorse Ron Paul for 2012 President of The United States. I will briefly explain this decision because some of you might be saying, “Wait, Ron Paul isn’t even running for President”. I have come to this decision because I don’t think Americans will have the chance to vote for a candidate as strong and right for the job as Ron Paul in a very long time. When it comes to defending the Constitution, Ron Paul’s record (over 20 years in congress) is better than any politician in history. If you listen to him speak, at any point in his long career, he says the same things (and they are things I believe in: a limited, constitutional government and a strong, non-interventionist foreign-policy based around making friends not enemies, among other things). His consistency and integrity have given him a label (even by his opponents) that speaks for itself: incorruptible. He truly is the “good-side” of politics. Everything that comes to mind when you hear the word “politician” describes the exact opposite of Ron Paul. Extremely modest, but with real passion about what he believes in, Ron Paul never wanted power, he simply wants to help America. To go along with all this, Ron Paul’s idea of a “happening” Saturday night is sitting down with an economics textbook. The doctor reads everything. His knowledge on all subjects which he addresses is remarkable; for every point he makes he has sound reasoning backing it up. Some of the bills he has proposed during his tenure in Congress have been the most innovative ways to help out America that I have ever come across, and yet they are time and time again struck down by a Congress that has an approval rating at dangerously close to zero. I could honestly go on for pages and pages, but I have arbitrarily decided to stop here. These are a few of the reasons I have decided to endorse Ron Paul. Jotting down a list of reasons why you support the person you plan to vote for can be a good exercise. Even if his “chances” of being elected sit squarely at zero, I will not miss this opportunity to endorse the man I think is the closest America will ever have to a perfect candidate for President of the United States.

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