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I was going to wait, but I can't delay this post any longer.

Even if many states won't count Ron Paul write-in votes, there is still a way that many voters can register their displeasure with the "lesser of two evils" scam without affecting the horse race between Obama and Romney.

We've been gamed for too long. We've been tricked again and again into voting for someone we hate just in order to defeat someone we hate even more.

How many voters are planning to stifle their vomit and vote for Romney because they know disaster will arrive somewhat faster under Obama?

How many voters feel the opposite way?

Maybe you've experienced a relationship where your friend, relative, or partner reluctantly votes the opposite way from you. You cancel out each other's votes.


Recalcitrant Republicans and disaffected Democrats can pair off, wipe a vote off of each major party tally (leaving the "score" the same), and free their votes to be guided by conscience rather than fear.

All you need is someone you trust who leans the opposite way you do politically. That's your Vote Buddy.

I created for the 2000 presidential election, updated it for 2004, and basically left it alone for 2008. But this election cycle really calls out for a plan like this that tells the major parties, "Hell, no. You don't get our votes any more."

I'll update the site as soon as I can, but meanwhile I hope you'll send this idea viral and get the project going before that. There's no registration, no paperwork ... only an agreement between friends. Anybody can do it.

Let's take back our votes two at a time!

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Dumping the "Wasted Vote Syndrome" for Ron

After seeing little or no attention paid to this post, I've surmised that I may have given the impression that I want the paired VoteBuddies to simply not vote, doing nothing but withhold their support from the D and R guys without changing the outcome of the "horse race" at all.

The whole point of this plan is to free up the votes of two voters who otherwise would've wasted them on one status quo candidate or the other. I fully expect that most of you would encourage your friends and family who are under the "lesser of two evils" spell to either write in Ron or otherwise vote in a freedom-promoting way.


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