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Huff Po Article: Eliminate the Electoral College

Actual quote from article:

"The Electoral College is a cancerous tumor on American democracy, as it slowly eats away at the basic notions of fairness and equality in our political system."

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Funny how people feel hurt over it not being a popular vote

They worry that their vote doesn't matter, even though so many people are shocked and dismayed that "THAT kind of person can VOTE!"

Don't they realize that they already have a popular vote on a city, county and state level? Or am I mistaken here?

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What vote?

The party picks the delegates. By rigging the vote for or throwing out votes against the most corporate candidate. Who cares if they use the electoral college or routine fraud and abuse to accomplish the end result.

In politics the ends justify the means. The only actual injustice that is disputed is that those with the most means, have the greatest ability to justify and employ those ends, to install their agenda, and forestall anyone or anything that wishes to delay it.

Politics is a zero sum game, where winner takes all. Of course their is going to be corruption with a system like that. That is what it was designed for. As a mechanism to defeat the have nots, through implied consent, and tricking the masses to believe that, that fraud implies that their will is not popular, and is therefore rationally and ethically irrelevant.

Ron Paul article: "Hands off

Ron Paul article: "Hands off the Electoral College"


Yes it is a cancerous tumor

Yes it is a cancerous tumor to democracy, exactly the way the founders intended it. We are supposed to be a constitutional republic. However, our leaders gave up on this a long time ago. The electoral college is one of the few strands of the original republic still left. To eliminate it would bring on full mob rule. Eliminate the Huffington Post instead by not looking at their website.

Hitler's first goal was to eliminate State's Rights.

Lincoln destroyed States Rights using military force. The 17th Amendment completed the paper work. State Legislatures were stripped of their Federal Powers all except the Electoral College.

HuffPOS hate State Authority but they Worship the authority of the Federal State over all.

Lincoln shredded the Constitution in order to loot the South to pay the debts incurred by the financially imprudent North.

Who are we going to loot this time?

Free includes debt-free!

Problem, reaction, solution

Do people not see how this all props up the democrat plan to rule by popular vote.

Its easier to manipulate the popular vote, especially when you own the media and the voting machines.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

I see people complaining

I see people complaining about this any way you look at it. People hate the Electoral College because it puts too much power into the hands of party insiders and in the end the popular vote means nothing anyway... Then you've got people screaming that we cannot have direct democracy because a democracy is a bunch of wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.

I think many here would prefer to maintain the Electoral College but eliminate political parties, which is unrealistic, to say the least. People band together to form more powerful alliances with others who share their point of view. This is how people are... this is how animals are... this is how life works. The individual represents the icon of our civilization, but the individual is also typically tripped up or squashed by the majority.

Instead of reporting on this article,

...the public opinions in it and the comments, why can't we tackle the root problem.

In any group, it's easy to show that whichever system we use, corruption is the main concern. Whether it is media bias leading to popular opinion being corrupted or it is party politics pushed down from above to corrupt the EC process (as we've recently experienced), TPTB can always win because the people don't intelligently decide to stop the gaming.

I posted a solution a few weeks ago that doesn't confront the divide between EC people and anti-EC people. It merely perfects (within reason) the exit polling and merges it with the FEC reporting process. Unfortunately, it only got 2 likes and 1 comment.

I think we have to either stop idly whining about problems and coordinate some solutions or just go home and wait to get our prison job so we can eat.


They're the one thing that TPTB can't have at the helm.

People in power that could change their mind and screw up their plans for an election.

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It's the States' Fault

The Electoral College is fine. The states are the ones that screwed it up by having "winner take all" elections. If states would award delegates proportionally, then everyone would be represented.

This could be solved by ballot measures or pressuring state legislatures. Much easier than amending the Constitution.

And that NPVIC is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. That means that if your state votes 99% Red, but Blue wins the national vote, your state gives all the delegates to Blue. You've just thrown out 99% of your states' votes.

I used to think the electoral

I used to think the electoral college was something that we could do without, but after following the campaign, I now know that it is indeed a vital thing to have.
Our voting system is far from perfect and doesnt have the accountability to even begin to approach getting rid of the electoral college.
With massive amounts of votes, its very easy to say one guy got more than the other.

The founding fathers thought the general public was too dumb to decide on the candidates, hence the reason for an electoral college. People in those days were in fact more educated than people are today(relatively speaking), and you are going to tell me that its a good idea to get rid of this? haha

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All about maximizing the

All about maximizing the power of the beltway, welfare economy vote. Empower the mega cities where you are part of the mob and not an individual. If this were to happen the Democrats would rule for 100 years and open the floodgates for illegals to inflate their numbers. Asinine idea.

Southern Agrarian

Wasn't the Ron Paul delegate strategy

based on the electoral college? We were using the electoral college to overturn a majority of voters. They had to cheat to keep us disenfranchised. The electoral college gives power to an enlightened minority over an inflamed or misguided public. How does one fight a corrupted electoral college?

You become the electoral

You become the electoral college...

Southern Agrarian

Standard Majoritarian Orthodoxy

Eliminating the Electoral College is the eternal Dead Horse of American politics. It is offensive to Mobocrats, which may well be its most important attribute. The probability of ANY small state giving up its disproportionate protection from the majority approaches the preposterous, let alone enough to actually ratify such an absurdity, yet committed democrats (small d like Marat, Marx, and Mao, not necessarily big D like Kennedy, Clinton, and Carter) are constantly reintroducing the fetid notion.

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