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Fie on the White House

Look instead to your Senate races.

As far as I can recall, the periods of least obnoxious Fe'ral governmental growth have occured when opposite wings of the government party controlled the Executive and Legislative Branches, to wit: Ronald Wilson Reagan vs the Democrat House, and William Rodham Clinton vs the Republican Congress. Conversely, the absolute worst happens when FedGov is united, as it was for Lyndon, Jimmeh, and Dubya.

Since the argument becomes more compelling daily that Marat will be re-elected to the Presidency, and that the Republican majority will retain the House, it becomes vital that we topple Harry Reid. Here I become conflicted. While generally inclined to vote Libertarian, and finding Josh Mandel to be too typically oleaginous (plus super scary to boot -- any time some zealot campaigns on "protecting family values" at a Federal level, I know that he wants to enshrine his sect's orthodoxy at the expense of mine), I nevertheless fear Share-it-'Round and the Democrat Senate all the more, so I actually may vote for Mandel.

I hate cynical strategic voting, and I hate even more surrendering to its siren call, but...

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