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President Paul *Our De facto President

Looking at the liberty movement now that the charades are officially over we can all within reason come to one conclusion about this election. The movement which has been under-reported, marginalized, attacked relentlessly has prevailed in shaking the establishment to its rotten core.

The two headed beast which is the two party system is a wounded animal. The curtain of corruption has been lifted. The politically active and informed now are fully aware of the careful choreography played between the national media, the national press and its minion surrogates. We are aware that the charlatan pawns were lined up against Dr. Paul from the start in a strategy of "divide and conquer", most notably as Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and others. Their presence on the stage was nothing more than an obfuscation of the truth. An obfuscation of the only message of constitutional liberty that was worth presenting to the American Electorate.

We now know with overwhelming evidence that the electronic voting machines were rigged for Mitt Romney. The establishment fought hard to stop our momentum early on with the fake primary wins, and the media playing along with their dutiful parts to confuse the public, but the delegates still managed to shine through all the corruption. We now know that the primary states that Romney won with the electronic vote flipping were one hundred percent fraudulent. Some states reported thousands of dead people voting, other states reporting massive in-congruence in vote totals between the precincts and the final tally's. We now are aware of the absolute fraud at the national convention by not seating the duly elected Ron Paul delegates designed to prevent Dr Ron Paul from speaking.

As the movement sits at home and debates over the future, how to define that future, and where we move from here I think we should all do one thing that will remind the citizens of this once great country that we will never forget how this travesty unfolded. We owe this to all the future generations. We owe them the truth, and only WE can prevent history to be written by a select elite. We can show them that "We The People" still have the power through ideas to sculpt our own future. I think in our writing to others, in our emails, in our articles, in any media events where we have a voice we can claim what is rightfully ours, and that is to refer to Dr Ronald Earnest Paul as President Paul. He deserves that, and far more importantly History deserves to know the truth. History is written by the victors. If we look at this objectively Mitt Romney and the RNC/GOP elite had to cheat at every corner to secure this win for Mitt Romney, that is not victory, that is cheating. Let us unite behind this idea as it is the truth. Dr. Paul is my President as he indeed had the real support of the average American people. The Washington establishment has abdicated it's responsibility, they are no longer representing the American people nor are they representing the Constitution of the United States of America. It is our duty to continue to speak truth to power.

We The People are the last defenders of truth, and Dr. Ron Paul is my President!


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When revolution comes

we gotta be the biggest and most organized alternative because the left will have theirs and we will not want it.

Ben Swann is the kind of

Ben Swann is the kind of person we need in government--the problem is we need him just as desperately in the media. This post is another brilliant expose.


Thank You Ben Swann

"The curtain of corruption has been lifted." (Teleprompter)


"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath

Why not?

All that is necessary is for Dr. Ron Paul to set up a simple office anywhere he wishes and keep be the leader of the R3volution. He may even get more accomplished as an alternative as president of these united "States of America" than he would as president of "The United States of America."
Congratulation Dr. Ron Paul, you have won.

ytc's picture

Yes, Ron Paul will continue to inspire us and be the

Presidential Beacon for generations of liberty activists, spread in all directions, but with ONE purpose of returning the country to it's Constitutional root.

Dr. Ron Paul HAS won this 2012 presidential election without question.

Excellent post

I know that many may scoff at this but, I still believe that Ron can be the next president by the providence of Almighty God.

Please, those of you who are believers in Jesus Christ, pray without ceasing, and patiently wait upon the Lord!

It's when things seem the darkest, that His works show forth!

Peace everyone

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Unfortunately, some in our movement have believed the lies the

MSM has spread, they think we are just a small group. It is amazing after every couple of weeks we would see RP campaign have donations at $50 a pop of over $1 million. That is no small number. We are a large group. I wish they would not go away convinced that we are a minority. Why do you think they had to fight us so hard at every turn? Why are they still fighting, censoring those RP supporters? Because we are not a group of crazy kooks that the MSM have convinced the neo-cons we are, AND we are no longer a small number.

Continue the fight, for Dr. Paul, for liberty, for our families, the Constitution, our country, our dollar to mean something.

Write-in Ron Paul campaign 2012. We are a force, don't let them make you think otherwise!!