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Detroit City Government seeks to take over private business

Stay sharp, its not just on a national level. Just like the saying goes "it starts in your community" it is also the thinking of our adversaries...

Here is a city that has mismanaged everything they have touched and now see an opportunity to take money from local business owners by decree. Dave Bing (Mayor) wants to turn storage responsibilities over to the city’s municipal parking department.


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Seems like they are getting what they deserve

Just glancing at the story, it sounds as if the towing companies were sucking on the government teat and got too used to the free handouts. The way I see it, the towing companies were getting paid by the city (using money stolen from tax payers) to tow vehicles (probably a lot of vehicles that should not have been towed I might add) and store them in these lots (where they would then charge a hefty storage fee to the poor owner of the car to get it back) and, now that the city (tax monster) is low on funds, the city overlords want to take over that racket.

That's what you get when you tie your business to government. You might make money for a while but the monster will always eat you when it runs out of normal food (everyday working class folks).

I could be wrong but that's my initial take. And, if that's the case, I say screw the towing companies - they are just parasites like so many other companies (such as those in the so called "defense industry", big agriculture and the pharmaceutical industry)...

The whole city is corrupt

The chief of Police was just suspended today....

For Freedom!
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Thanks for the headsup, Dex.

This is where we have to convince the 99%ers to stay with us in our fight for liberty. They think they can trust the smooth-talking 1%ers to bring justice by handing over MORE powers to the 1%-elites!

Detroit, the dumpster fire of

Detroit, the dumpster fire of America. Cannot wait for it to implode.

Southern Agrarian