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"What can I do to get you to vote for Romney?" *Updated*

So at our county central committee last night I was commenting about how the Romney campaign had shot themselves in the foot by the way they treated the RP Republicans.

Later a lady came up to me and told me how desperate she was to get our votes for Romney. "I don't think our country can survive another four years of Obama as president!"

I told her that she was asking a lot of RP Republicans to expect them to turn around and support someone whose campaign had virtually spit in their faces in Tampa and subsequently seemed content to treat us like we didn't exist.

"But what can I do, as an INDIVIDUAL, to win their votes?", she asked.

That had me stumped. I know there were a lot of things I could have said.

I could have told her that she should have been listening to the RP Republicans last January when we were telling her that Ron Paul was the only candidate that could beat Obama.

I could have told her a lot of similar "I told you so's".

But to really answer her question, I was stumped.
I told her I would get back to her.

What should I tell the lady?

Tell her to write to Romney and ask him to start chanting "End the Fed!" at his next rally? Tell him to renounce the new anti-grassroots RNC rules? Tell him to announce that he is no longer going to play ball with the Bilderbergers/CFR/military-industrial-Wall Street complex?

Tell her to forget about it and worry about getting our congressman elected?

I know there is no perfect answer to a question like this. The question itself shows that she doesn't understand the nature of our political situation.

So what should I tell her? What should my message from the RP community be?

============================= UPDATE ============================

Thank you for all of your sincere (and sometimes amusing) comments.
I am sorry I have not had time to read or comment on all of them individually.

Here is my lame but sincere attempt to try to help her (and some of my other committee members)to see the situation through our eyes and maybe get her to help us move the GOP in a positive direction.

"Dear Central Committee Member,

In answer to a question I received at our meeting Monday night (i.e. "What could I do as an individual to persuade Ron Paul Republicans to vote for Romney?"), I think this article might hold part of the answer.

Letters: Conventional Wisdom and Rejection of GOP 'Top-Down' Structure

Ron Paul supporters are an eclectic bunch of individualists who are motivated more by principle than by leadership, even Ron Paul's. I think that is one reason why Ron Paul did not bother to endorse anyone running for president this year. He knew they wouldn't have listened to him anyway.
(By the way, that fact alone should debunk the myth that Ron Paul supporters are in any way a "cult". Whoever heard of a cult where the "exalted leader" can't even order his "followers" to do something as simple as vote for a certain candidate? Think about it.)

Assuming that we can't get Mitt to denounce the disgusting new RNC rules, the next best thing would be to have the grassroots Republicans show some backbone and do it for him.
I know this might seem like a petty issue to many in the GOP. Many of you think the world is going to come to an end if Obama is re-elected. Obviously swing voters are NOT going to share that viewpoint. While many Democrats and Independents are disappointed by Obama's failure to distinguish himself from George Bush on civil rights and foreign wars; the RP Republicans and liberty-leaning Independents are just as disappointed in Romney for his failure to distinguish himself from Obama.

As much as they loathe the prospect of FOUR more years of Obama, they are just as fearful of EIGHT more years of a Bush-style presidency (continual expansion of the "imperial" executive branch, endless foreign wars justified by "American Exceptionalism", skyrocketing national debt caused by blank checks written to the Industrial-Military-Wall Street complex, more liberal social engineering like "No Child Left Behind" or encouraging banks to make bad mortgages to minorities, more erosion of our constitutional rights in the name of "national security",more nation-building and policing the world in the name of U.N. resolutions, more budget-busting, socialism like the Medicaid Part D Prescription program and the TARP bailouts).

Because the only thing worse than a president like Obama is a president like Obama with an "(R)" behind his name.
Because when a president has an "(R)" behind his name, all of our defenses go down.
Because the Limbaughs and Hannitys and O'Reillys all stop becoming critics and start becoming cheerleaders.
Because no matter how badly the president behaves in office, no matter how many conservative principles he betrays, no matter how many campaign promises he forgets, no matter how many GOP platform planks he ignores; he is STILL the "leader of the GOP", and we fall in rank behind him.

So how can you convince a Ron Paul Republican to vote for Romney?

Convince him that you aren't going to let the Republican Party continue to be a rubber stamp for the elite political insiders.

Convince him that you aren't going to roll over and play dead in four years if Romney behaves like a Republican In Name Only.

Convince him that the good Republicans are fed up with having our most important decisions made in smoke-filled rooms by a handful of party bosses and confirmed by a pep rally (scripted on a teleprompter) disguised as a political convention.

Convince him that Republicans are ready to take control of their own party, instead of following their leaders like sheep to the slaughter.

You might want to start by convincing him that the REPUBLICAN PARTY is not a cult; that we have minds and principles of our own.

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Tell her Romney is number two

Obama can be number one on the list to vote out.

When Romney gets in we become his critics and find a real alternative in 2016.

Romney may buy some few minutes of time. Giving Obama a second term is equivalent to writing a blank check and then putting a gun to our own head.

Ronmney is not only worse

He is way worse than Obama and would do everything in his power to crush our movement if elected. He hates everything about us and what we stand for.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Romney doesn't even UNDERSTAND

our movement. I don't think he "hates" us. Just doesn't understand (AT ALL) natural law, non-interventionism and non-aggression. He made that plain when he said he would vote for NDAA and the PATRIOT Act.

He's not dumb. He understands it just fine...

He just doesn't agree with it at all. He believes we are all beneath him and are basically here to do his bidding. He agrees with the NDAA and continuous unconstitutional war because it serves his purpose of power and control.

Romney might be a terrible human being and a poor example of an American, but he sure isn't naive or dumb. Evil, malicious, corrupt and petty, but definitely not dumb.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Same difference...

At least leaving it be, we will all qualify for Bamaphone.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

For starters...

Ask her to contact the Commission on Presidential Debates and have them open all of the debate to all candidates.

Once the debates or opened up you would consider it...

Of course that doesn't mean you will actually do it...

I am assuming she is a

- dup post sorry

I am assuming she is a

I am assuming she is a babyboomer. You should tell her that her generation lost the republic, whether on purpose or not, that doesn't matter. Tell her she can't do anything to get 10% to 15% of the GOP base to vote for her loser Romney. He is a progressive like John McCain. So there is nothing she can do. There is nothing Romney can do because people just don't change.

I would tell her that Obama winning this election will make sure HER people pay the price for what they created and not little kids just born. That is what I tell them and it scares them. It scares them because they see a successful 40 something GOP member say that to them and they know I know what I am talking about. You can literally see the fear - and that my friend is worth it in some small silly way.

If you care about the future an Obama victory, as painful and nasty as it will be, is the best we can hope for this time around.


Brave. Bold. Truthful.

Scares the $hi! outta the establishment RINO's who are a big part of the problem.

I like it. Like it a lot.

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Tell Her Just as 9-11 We "Will NEVER Forget"!

I'm sorry lady but because you were once so wrapped up in your own hard on for Romney during the primaries that you ignored us then spit on us? Well now we will have to ignore you, you are on your own.

Remember when it was anybody but Bush and we got Obama? Well now it is anybody but Obama and you still refuse to do your homework.

Romney is your punishment for what you did to Ron Paul and his followers lady.



My response would be that Progressive policies from both Republican and Democrats are already in the end stage of tanking our economy and that if Romney gets elected, capitalism will get the blame.

What we need to do is have enough Tea Party politicians in office to block, veto, and obstruct every totalitarian effort attempted by Obama and his bi-partisan cronies.

there is nothing you can do

there is nothing you can do now. if ron paul and his supporters were treated with respect throughout the campaign and *sincerely* welcomed into the party, then I would consider voting for romney.

Most Romney Supporters Do Not Understand

Most Romney supporters do not understand what is REALLY going on. They don't understand WHY Ron Paul supporters are so seemingly stubborn. When someone is asking us a question like this, they are showing that they really do not understand WHY we won't support the Republican Party candidate if we claim to be Republican supporters.

And THIS is where we need to educate them. Fox and Rush won't, so we will have to.

The average American has no clue what is going on in politics. Likewise, the average Republican Party voter has no clue what is really going on behind the scenes of their own party -- because Fox and company do not want them to know.

My reply would be something along these lines:

You might not realize this -- most Republican voters don't know this, and I didn't realize this until recently -- but the Republican Party today is not what it used to be. Don't you sometimes wonder why the government GREW when George Bush was in office? Don't you wonder why Republican politicans don't do anything about illegal aliens or the bugets or any number of things they talk about during elections but do the opposite once in office?

The reason this has been happening for quite awhile now is because there are a group of people who have taken over the power structure of the Republican Party. They are the neocon socialists. And yes, they ARE socialists, not conservatives. And we should call them what they are: not "neocons" but "neocon socialists."

Do you realize that during the GOP nomination process this year that the neocon socialists who control the GOP actually stole votes from Ron Paul? Do you realize they rigged primary and caucus elections, taking votes away from Ron Paul? Do you realize they changed the rules after the fact so that duly elected delegates could not vote, simply because they might vote for Ron Paul? The GOP nomination is supposed to be an election, not a coronation.

There were even neocon socialists who committed acts of violence against Ron Paul supporters. This has not been reported on Fox because Fox won't report things that the neocon socialists don't want them to. Fox even has neocon socialist leaders on the airwaves, the most notable being Bill Kristol, who's father Irving Kristol was the founder of the neocon movement.

So, the main reason I cannot support Mitt Romney is because he is backed by these same neocon socialists. And they ARE socialists, not conservatives. They are FOR government bailouts of big business, as long as it is their buddies getting the money. They are FOR more war, just for the sake of war -- this is also known as the "Military Industrial Complex." They are FOR the NDAA, which is now in effect, which means that YOU or your CHILDREN could be abducted by the federal government, put in prison, held without charges, without trial, tortured, and murdered all without due process.

This is the law of the land NOW. This is something Obama is already doing - and Mitt Romney agrees with him. Romeny is in favor if the idea that YOU should be forced to get your health care through the government, he just claims he will make a few meaningless changes.

You and I, we Americans, can do better than Obama. We can also do better than neocon socialists, and that is why I am opposed to Mitt Romney.

If any of what I have said is new information to you, I would suggest that you are NOT INFORMED of what is really going on in the world. And I would be glad to show you that everything I have said is true.

If you still insist on voting for Romney, however, I would suggest you are no better than the people who supported Obama in 2008 without REALLY knowing anything about him -- OR the people who surrounded him.

What do you think about what I've said?

At that point -- she is either going to show she is serious about the world or just another sheep. You then either educate her or ignore her, as appropriate.


will either get you blank stares or head shakes or possibly even slaps in the face... at first.

But then a few, just a few, will actually start second guessing what they know and start becoming informed on their own. And that will be the beginning of their awakening and migration to the Liberty movement.

Sometimes people just need a shovel upside the head to straighten them out...

Good job!

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What is Romney offering???

Yeah, Obama is horrid. Unfortunately, what in the world is Romney going to do that is so great?

Strapping a family member to the roof?

That would be good. Id love to see photos of his wife on the car on the roof doing 60 with shit running down her legs... Actually, no i wouldnt... it was bad enough with a dog. Ugh, I guess I now agree... romney would do nothing worthy of note.

Romney's a credible candidate???

Not a damned thing. Romney isn't credible. He has the charisma of a bar of soap and wearing those jeans to identify with we little people is a turn off. He is an Establishment hack who isn't going to reduce the spending or the size of the federal government. His web site claims that he will, but how can he accomplish that when he has already committed to increasing the size of the military over what it is now. He likes NDAA. He is committed to war in the Middle East to protect Netanyahu and Israeli interests there. He likes some parts of Obamacare and will keep them and will balance the budget in TEN YEARS???

The country isn't going to survive, regardless of who is elected. The debt and spending are unsustainable under either administration. The only candidate who had a plan to reduce spending by a trillion dollars in the first year was cheated out of the nomination by Romney's goons and the RNC's goons. If Romney is elected we are only replacing one cheating liar with another.

Romney's goons should have considered the impact his rejection of Ron Paul Republicans would have had on the party. He didn't, they didn't and now they're begging us to come back and help salvage a flagging candidacy?? Give me a break.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

...How do you take your poison.

Thanks brob28135, and to add to what you are saying, Chris Hedges posted this:


There are Many Bobs...I'm the Maine Bob!

There is NOTHING she or

There is NOTHING she or anyone can do at this point! HOWEVER, you might want to tell her that you will seriously consider it, and will try to hold your nose and vote for Romney! Since you personally know this woman and will need to work with her to get Rand Paul, or Justin Amash, or whoever the Liberty candidate is in 2016 nominated. Do not antagonize her, as we will likely need her support in 2016 as badly as she needs ours now! Romney will lose, and if she thinks you are the reason, she will work against you for years to come! Try to accommodate her concerns and ask her to study Ron Pauls positions in order to open her eyes to our side! Win her over! These people are not leaders, they are followers, and you need as many people as possible from the county central committee following YOUR lead in 2016.

Tell her that the only chance

Tell her that the only chance she has to get me to vote for Rom is if she can convince Rom to visit Ron for a heart to heart.

After that meeting, if Rom publicly promises that
- he will replace Bernanke with a Fed chair acceptable to Ron,
- he will never send another soldier into a war undeclared by congress,
- he will balance the budget by the end of his first term,
- he will end the war on drugs,
Then I MIGHT consider voting for Rom IF Ron comes out in support of him after the meeting.

Short of this, I don't see any way that I could vote for him.

Never trouble trouble til trouble troubles you. Fortune Cookie

romney himself couldn't say a thing to get my vote

he's already said enough to make me vote against him and if he said what i wanted to hear i wouldn't believe it coming from him. he could step down and endorse ron paul and transfer his campaign funds to ron paul on condition of getting to be vice president, and that's the only way i'd vote him into the white house.

Be honest with her and tell her she can't. There is nothing she

can do or say that will sway us.

We are no longer asleep. We vote on principle. It is the only thing we have left and no amount of persuasion can convince us to go against what we KNOW to be right.

Romney is wrong. He is wrong for America. He is wrong for Liberty.

Tell her she can't do anything to convince us or sway us because she can not convince us that Romney is even in the slightest, marginally better than Obama. We believe that the nation most likely will not survive four years of EITHER one. Thus, there is no advantage in our eyes, of voting for Romney.

Let her know, the main reason she can't convince us, is because we have broken free of falsely believing we only have a choice between Poop Soup and a Turd Sandwich. We know we have other real, non-disgusting options on our menu, and we are going to be choosing one of those instead.

Let her know that ANY headway she can make in getting any RP supporter to believe Romney is marginally better, might just be fuel to prod them to vote for Obama. Why? Because we know Romney is going to continue Obama's policies for the most part. (99.9% of them) We also know, that the nation will go back to sleep, from what little bit of being awake they may have managed, once a Republican is back in the White House.

For the things that matter - monetary, fiscal, and foreign policy - for our immediate future - Romney is NOT going to make them better, he's going to make them worse, but because he'll be at the helm, people will allow him to do so, and claim that his "solutions" are better than Obama's.

In short, if Romney is only marginally better than Obama, then we're better off in the long run with more Obama as that will be more likely we'll swing the pendulum to real solutions rather than platitudes and false promises.

Be honest with her. Tell her YOU could not do or say anything to sway or convince or persuade RP supporters to vote for Romney, and thus it would be impossible for her to do so. And any attempt by her will more likely result in those people voting for Obama instead of Gary Johnson or some other candidate, or even staying home - in an effort to "bring it on" or "collapse the system" and set us up for a real revolution down the road.

Tell her the best thing that could happen, is for RP to get a huge amount of write-ins (legitimate and counted ones) and for Johnson and Goode and others to get 5% or more of the vote in several states, even nationwide, to show that Romney has been rejected, and that the only solution to socialism is not corporatism, but Liberty. The way to defeat a bad incumbent is not to be only marginally better, but diametrically opposed to him and his policies.

America will suffer immensely under either Obama or Romney, there is no doubt. There is also little doubt we will move towards a more real solution to our problems after four more years of Obama, than with Romney.

Finally, let her know that if the nation suffers four more years of Obama, that is not our fault. That is her's for voting for Romney.

In the vein of the analogy above, if we all have to eat Poop Soup, it is not the fault of those who voted to eat Chicken Salad. It's the fault of those who voted to eat Poop Soup and Turd Sandwiches.

Had those who opted for Chicken Salad, instead chosen the Turd Sandwich, then we'd all be eating Turd Sandwiches. And who thinks THAT is any better than Poop Soup?

Why can't the morons who are stuck on Poop Soup and Turd Sandwiches instead choose Chicken Salad, or Shrimp Linguine, or the Prime Rib?


Not a damn thing!

This is a test

Every RP Republican is going to have to endure.

1st and foremost, she can't convince the revolution to back the antithesis of our movement. She has to realize why that is.

Can you get the pro-life movement to support planned parenthood?

Can you get blacks to support the KKK?

Can you get Ron Paul to support Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve?

These are impossibilities for a true believer as they know to support their enemy is the death of themselves and their legacy. The collapse of our country matters. Neither candidate delivers change on the core issues that will shape the world in the next 4 years. We would be better off with an empty chair in the White House.

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
www.yaliberty.org - Young Americans for Liberty
www.ivaw.org/operation-recovery - Stop Deploying Traumatized Troops


her if she really wants to know how to convert us....to sit down and really dig into Ron Pauls ideas...get to the core of them and really understand why the Fed should be ended, why the militarism makes us so much less safe....all his policies..perhaps explore a book or two of his. Then after she's had an epiphany, and she realizes how corrupt Romney is...we'll have another person for a write in for Paul or a vote for Gary.

After reading all of the comments ...

(not that I'm you, or anything) ... I think the best thing you can tell her is if she educates herself on RP's positions enough to be able to express them in her own words to other RP supporters, she'd have a much better chance of success. She cannot convince RP supporters if she doesn't understand them.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

"I will hold Romney's feet to the fire in his first four years"

the truth is that she's not going to be able to convince any Ron Paul supporter (who's not already decided to compromise) to vote for Romney.

I see many comments here about what the Romney campaign could do to win our support (Ron as Fed Chair or Secretary of State), but none of that is really something she could do as an individual. What I would tell her to do as an individual is to assure Ron Paul supporters who she is trying to convince to vote for Romney that she and other "conservative" Republicans will not simply fall in line with Romney as the party's leader and that they will hold Romney's feet to the fire. Her message to Ron Paul supporters should be "please vote for Romney; after Romney is in the white house, we can all be extra vigilant to ensure that conservatives and libertarians have a voice in the party. Even to the point of saying that they will not automatically support a second term for Romney in 2016. That's the message she should bring--please replace Obama with Romney and then we will hold Romney's feet to the fire, we will not ask anyone to fall lockstep behind him, and we will be open to a primary challenger in 2016.

Honestly, it likely won't actually convince people to vote for Romney; but that's the message she needs. That's what we'd like to hear; because the greatest fear for me as a Ron Paul republican who believes Obama and Romney are both the same would be that if Romney wins, we don't have a voice in the Republican Party for eight years (whereas we have a chance in four years if Romney loses). The greatest inroad to me as a Ron Paul Republican who's staying as a member of my county committee and looking to a future in the party would be to assure me that the rank and file members of the party will hold Romney's feet to the fire if he's elected. It would not actually convince me to vote for Romney, no way, but that'd be the most effective thing that a rank and file republican could do to try to get me on their side.

When you reward bad behavior . . .

My kids are always begging me: "Please, Mom, can I have a sleepover at my friend's house? I PROMISE I will do my chores and homework later. I PROMISE I will keep my room clean next week." OR "Please can I have some dessert? I PROMISE I'll eat something healthy tomorrow." Parents who fall for this are usually doomed.

My reply to them has always been: "Do the right things FIRST, THEN you get the good stuff."

By offering the reward first, in hope of good behavior in the future, no matter how bad the preceding behavior has been, we are rewarding the bad behavior. By offering the reward first, in exchange for good behavior later, we are losing all credibility. We must reward/reinforce good behavior after it has been displayed, not in anticipation of it.

In politics, the behavior is represented by a RECORD of actions in the past, not by campaign PROMISES of actions in the future.

I dont think there is

I dont think there is anything that can be done. Its that simple.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

"What can I do to get you to vote for Romney?"

Steal my identity, pack of thieves.