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Mitt Romney's stance on medical marijuana

Is apparently to laugh at you for even bringing it up and then to repeatedly harp on the economy and talk about this elusive "plan" he has to fix it.

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McCain was the worst

McCain was the worst Republican candidate of the bunch in 2008. Romney was second worst for 2008.

Even the Obama has flip-flopped on marijuana by allowing feds to raid dispensaries in Cali, the GOP is delusional if they believe Romney can win.

Bumping for more exposure. I

Bumping for more exposure. I really think it's a terrible reaction to a question.

Not even talk about the plan,

Not even talk about the plan, just say the word "economy" repeatedly.

he's an angry . . .

aggressive man--

I've seen that in a number of youtubes--

he gets easily annoyed--

'a plan to get this economy going'--

without ending the drug war?

He's a dangerous idiot--

(sorry about the ad hominem; I can't help it)

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Shameless bump.

Shameless bump.