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Countdown for Tisha Casida for Congress Moneybomb

My dear Liberty friends,

It has been over five years since I have been a part of this fine community of Ron Paul patriots and a DP member for 4 years 8 months 9 days. I can't believe it. While I am heartbroken that more people have not woken up and participated in the Liberty Movement, we have come so far and cannot give up now. I am asking for you to consider helping elect a principled young woman to Congress, Tisha Casida, who along with other Liberty Candidates will help fill the mighty shoes that Ron Paul will leave empty there. Congress is where we really need to focus on, and there is only one month left before the election. The Republican/Democratic machine in her district 3 in Colorado has a lot of money and support for their puppet candidates and even though she has done very well in some debates, they have excluded her from other debates. She really needs some funds for gas money and lodging so she can travel this last month in one of the largest districts in the US. Let's show them that someone who is not connected to their machine and special interests can really win, and has the support of the American People! Will you help? I am going to donate $250 to match the first $250 raised for her. I hope others will do the same, and that everyone who can will be willing to donate at least $20 and ask their friends to support her as well. Will you help keep this thread bumped and voted up as well? Will you post this on your Facebook and Twitter to ask support from your friends? There is not a finer community than those who love the principles that Ron Paul has shown us and if we stick together, we can do mighty things. I thank you all, am proud to call you friends, and love you. Donate here and here is her Facebook page

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yes to Tisha Casida!

Tisha is intelligent, classy and articulate, a worthy person to represent the liberty movement. Let's give her our $upport! She deserves it.

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it."

~~~ Thomas Jefferson

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On board !!

Been communicating with Tisha for some time now. She's the best thing out there as far as I can tell. She will defiantly be a great representative for Colorado district three and she will be a wonderful voice in Congress for the rest of us liberty minded folk. My greatest regret is that I just wish I had all that $$ I donated to C4L to support Benton and the boys. Oh well, doing what I can. Go get 'em Tisha!!

"I just want to live in a free country" - Dr. Ron Paul

I agree.

It is tough out there especially for those of us who have donated so much to Ron Paul and CFL. But even still every little bit helps and also getting the word out to help get her and other Liberty Candidates is so important as well.

Great Post...

If anyone deserved your trust and hard earned FRN's, it is definitely Tisha Casida. Small business woman, liberty platform, sensible foreign policy and monetary policy, disgusted by false, corrupted two party system. What's not to like? Hook her up! :) Check her out at!


Thank you Silk!

If others can also keep this bumped and commented so there will be an opportunity for people to donate that will be great. Tisha is on her way to a debate tonight, having to drive for about 5 hours, drove through our town and we got to have lunch with her. Such a delight to visit with someone who really knows how to make a difference in Congress.

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Bump for Liberty Candidates!

Bump for Liberty candidates!
I normally donated 100 FRNs to Ron Paul moneybombs.

I now split my donations - 50 FRNs to Gary Johnson, plus 25 FRNs to assorted Liberty minded candidates like Justin Amash, Kerry Bentiovolio, and I'll be happy to put Tisha Casida on my donation list. In fact, I just donated to put money where my mouth is. Who'll join me?

Thank you for your generous contribution.

You sent a payment of $25.00 USD to Casida for Congress

Please spread Tisha's campaign and message to your family, friends and peers.

Together, we will make a difference.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

Thank you so much!

I will be matching your $25 with another $25. Thank you again, she really deserves it.

+ 1

I suggest donating to Gary Johnson as well.

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