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Politician posts Facebook Pic of Gun Welcoming Obama to Tennessee

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He'll probably get a secret

He'll probably get a Secret Service Visit anyway for that. Hope he is smart enough to not talk to them period.

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He didn't mean any harm...

although he could have been more objective in his post. I think Brad was just addressing the question that was posed to him in the first sentence of the post, which was essentially: What is your opinion on Second Amendment rights?

His Answer:
I am a firm believer in an American citizen's right to have the means to defend themselves and hence own firearms. Also, here is picture proof that I "mean what I say".

In his last sentence, Brad simply stated a fact: The founding fathers did not give us the Second Amendment to hunt for food, they gave it to us to defend against our own government should it ever become tyrannical or authoritarian like that of Great Britain in 1776. It's not a threat, it's the truth.

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Ironically, it was to scare

Ironically, it was to scare politicians from becoming too powerful that led to the 2nd amendment of the Constitution. The right to bear arms was seen as the last line of defense against tyranny, when the republic, nullification and secession failed. The last 3 have been long gone, which is why the politicians have now zeroed in on the 2nd amendment. Unfortunately, most Americans, even if they believe in the right to keep and bear arms, don't believe it is for the reason of overthrowing a tyranical government.

However, fortunately most Americans do agree with the right to keep and bear arms. And I firmly believe a massacre so large would have to take place that the news couldn't ignore it should our government ever try to disarm the citizen population.

With the specific second amendment issue

in the post, s'okay.

If it were really just "Welcome to Tennessee, Obama" and a picture of a gun, I'd think some questions about his intent are in order and I'd think at best he was trying get away with saying something borderline threaty under the guise of vagueness, which would make him a jerk at best. Short headlines portray this view.

But as a rebuttal to whatever the UN is up to and a great big "Nyah, Nyah, we still go 'em", s'alright.

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