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Michele Bachmann's Chicago Synagogue Visit Drives Attendees To Leave, Donate To Her Opponent

Some reportedly walked out of the ceremony, while Gary Sircus, a 25-year member of Anshe Emet Synagogue, voiced more active opposition to Bachmann's attendance.

"The holiness of the room and the holiness of the evening was greatly diminished for me, if not completely destroyed," said Sircus, according to the Tribune. "Our congregation values and embodies tolerance, compassion, respect for individual rights, intelligence, science -- all of the things that I think Michele Bachmann stands against."


Kick the neocons OUT

Bachmann is a prime example of spreading absolute lies to increase the bloodlust of ordinary Americans and whip up hatred against Muslims.
She is also totally ignorant.

We should be encouraging ordinary middle class Muslims to gain more support, not helping the Islamic Extremists to gain support like Bachmann does.

These 2 videos go rather well against Bachmann.

My evidence for Bachmann's lying and whipping up bloodlust.

Ahmadinejad actually called for regime change in Israel, NOT the obliteration of Israel.
This is in line with many other Arab and Muslim countries.
How many countries has the US called for regime change?

Is Ahmadinejad more of a friend to Jews than Bachmann is?

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