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Benazir Bhutto in 2007: Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh Killed Bin Laden

The late former Pakistan Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto said on camera in a 2007 Al-Jazeera interview that prolific terrorist, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh murdered Osama Bin Laden years prior.

It is no surprise this women was assassinated.

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What about this? Note the date.,2933,41576,00.html

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false, she misspoke, see:

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I have

a few problems with that analysis.

First of all, there were no rebuttals from Frost, the interviewer or any mainstream media outlets. No one said this was false information after the interview was released or during it.

Now to establish a context about what I am about to say, think about how Ron Paul knows that 911 was a manufactured event, however he seldom speaks of it because of the political repercussions.

The quotes taken from Bhutto before and after the interview pertaining to bin laden can be interpreted as having the same effect of how Ron Paul says "terrorism" is not as much of a domestic threat as it is hyped up to be. Ron knows that the supposed 911 "suicide pilots" were framed, but doesn't say this because it is too far beyond the limit of perception of most everyone with bullsh!t mainstream views. I see Bhutto's quotes as having the same effect.

For example, this partial quote: "if their poster boy Bin Laden is caught..." IMO is Bhutto's way of saying: "If the west makes up a story about finding Bin Laden/if the western populace finds the truth about Bin Laden being dead already..."

Same applies to the other quotes. Given that the interview was conducted in English, this would be a prime oppurtunity for Bhutto to say this to reach out to the western world. After all, she was already prime minister and most anything she said could not change her position of power (Except maybe her statements in this interview, as she was assassinated shortly after).

What is clear though, is that the man WAS dead before May 1, 2011.