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Alan Keyes points out the idiocy of the lesser of two evils argument

Alan Keyes...

Keyes to the Republic Vol. 1 President Obama and Mitt Romney


Keyes to the Republic Vol. 2 The Electoral Process:


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Of course, "Lesser of two evils" is stupid ...

... but it's worse than that. The truth is that this argument is manipulative. It is a physcological tactic to manipulate.

It is an easy argument to destroy, however.

Romney Supporter: We have to vote for the lesser of two evils.
ME: You might be right. Why you think Romney is evil?
Romney Supporter: I don't think he's evil.
ME: You just said he is.
Romney Supporter: ????

reposting on fb.

Keyes Has This Key Right

I agree with Keyes on this very important issue. I also want to get a catchy slogan going - "It's not the lesser of two evils, it's the same evil!"

Keyes Supports Warfare

I was curious how closely Keyes was to Ron Paul, so I Googled. It seems that Keyes feels we need an empire and compared Ron Paul to Obama

Well Said

Unfortunately, as many have already stated, people don't want to use critical thinking skills when it comes to politics. They'd rather follow the 'cult' of personality (which Obama does best) and they would rather keep it as an 'Us vs Them' mentality (Pink Floyd song anyone?).

The greatest thing we can do for our country right now is to make it plain to everyone that Romney and Obama are basically the same flavor ice-cream (to use an analogy). This will help us in making a third party viable in the future, which, I strongly believe, is necessary to keep our country from collapsing.

"Be a listener only, keep within yourself, and endeavor to establish with yourself the habit of silence, especially on politics." -Thomas Jefferson

Its a great argument but....

Too few people in America can follow it.

Look what they did to us at school. Warning: contains profanity


Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Alan Keyes jumped in Mosh Pit!

I Think Mr. Goode Might See it Too

“The difference between Obama and Romney
Is the difference between Tweedledum and Tweedledee...,”
And the same analogy applies to their parties--
Mr. Goode--is/was/forgot--to be--a Democrat...evidently...

Human freedom is Imagination's most precious possession.

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Just say it out loud, Alan. It's o.k. to still speak the truth.

Obama and Romney are both trash. There, doesn't that feel better? Yup, it does.

more of what we already know

People from both parties have the fix on all this so they can acheive only slightly different outcomes. Honestly, if I was a part of tptb, I'm not sure who I would rather have as president to destroy liberty and 'lead' through what we know is coming. Its really a toss up; both have their strong suits. I guess it comes down to which candidates' target market they fear more. Unfortunatley, that is all that the vetting, debates and campaining has come down to: a gauge as to which one they should choose.

When one evil is a shoo-in incumbent

And the other evil agrees with the shoo-in incumbent on almost everything except how many wars we are gonna fight, then it's prolly a good a time as any to vote 3rd party.

No one can even claim you are wasting your vote!

Ambassador Keyes: +10!

I voted for Alan Keyes in 2004, and donated to HIS campaign as well as Ron Paul's in 2008 (ultimately, I supported Paul, and suggested that Keyes be his V.P. pick).

AMBASSADOR Keyes has always been consistent and correct in most of his assertions, and his current statements about the FALSE LEFT-RIGHT PARADIGM which we call the 'Republican/Democrat political parties' is, as usual, not only true, but patently obvious to anyone who has done a little research.

His beard is getting grey.
Other than that, he doesn't seem to have changed.

Glad to see him again!


I was a Paul/Keyes guy too

Loved him. He got the "Ron Paul" debate/media treatment when he ran in 2000 before Paul's more current runs. Before I knew who Paul was, I was saying "Why are they ignoring Keyes!? They just interrupted him at the debate! They're giving face time to everyone on stage but Keyes!" etc... And "In the 15 sec they allowed him to speak, he blew all the others off the stage! Surely tomorrow will have a Huge buzz about him." and then in the news, nothing.

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nothing to add

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vol. 1 ends on an odd note: as if Obama has NOT

implemented terrible legislation?

Put on your thinking HAT! That 's not what he was trying to say!


The Winds of Change!

Keyes is spot on!

Who couldn't love Alan Keyes!Paul President and Keyes Vice President would had been the ticket in my book!

I always liked Alan Keyes.

I always liked Alan Keyes. Liked him in the 2008 election (as far as he got). Had Dr. Paul not been running, I would've voted for Keyes.

Pretend he's not there

Amazing. As recently as four days ago Keyes whines about the choices “they” have “given us”, while successfully avoiding a single mention of the man whose name shall not be spoken. But such glaring omission is revealing in the extreme. Daily now pundits are being exposed, patriots versus posers revealed. Gary Johnson, the only choice, is disruptive in so many ways.

Keyes wrote this back in

Keyes wrote this back in August...

"I know that Romney's bad. But first we get Obama out. Then we'll hold Romney's feet to the fire." That's one of the most common things I hear from self-blinkered GOP partisans hacking for the artificially-engineered Romney nomination. They angrily pretend that rank and file conservatives have no choice but to obey the "eyes wide shut" command emanating from the GOP's elitist faction party bosses.

There's a suspiciously peremptory tone to their pretense these days. As an old Star Trek fan, I hear the chilly, disembodied voice of the Borg collective. "You will be given no other choice. We will add your no longer electorally distinctive ballot to our total. Resistance is futile." Truth to tell, however, if you are authentically conservative, supporting Romney is also futile; futile and self-destructive.

A leftist pretender like Romney wins office by successfully gulling a conservative constituency that would otherwise oppose the things he really means to achieve.



Keyes is not an RP fan...but he IS respected by the Republican masses. So this is just a SUPERB video to send to all those "normal" republicans you know. I think you will hear their heads exploding!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Exactly! See my comment

Exactly! See my comment below. I expressed the exact same sentiment.

The truth is Alan Keyes can

The truth is Alan Keyes can reach behind barriers that some conservatives have built up between themselves and the Liberty minded/Libertarian wing of the Republican Party. I presented these videos to a real hard-nosed neocon friend of mine in hopes that he'll be faced with a mental conundrum more difficult to dismiss than anything a "Paulbot" can throw at him.

That's right

I have a neocon friend who I know will listen to Alan Keyes, too. I plan to post this to my Facebook wall in hopes of persuading people just like him. At least it may get them to think a little outside the neocon box!

When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object. - Patrick Henry

Alan Keyes now on the outs

Alan Keyes now on the outs with team R starts speaking truth?

Considering his role in building Obama this seems well... odd or perhaps revenge for being cast off by team R?

How exactly was he cast of by

How exactly was he cast off by Romney?

Team R, as in the republican

Team R, as in the republican party. I refer to the political parties as Team D and Team R as that's all they are, teams playing in same league. The league owners are the same regardless who wins this season. It's a furtherance of the WWF analogy, Vince McMahon, Don King, the NFL, Major League baseball, etc and so forth always win regardless who wins the championship.

He is picked to be shipped off to calumet city to run against Obama in 2004 and essentially hasn't been heard from since as far as team R goes.

You are so

full of chit I can smell you from here. Delusional much?
@ tetraethyllead

Keepin' it real.