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Do You Really Want to Give This Guy a Second Term?

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Did anyone notice on the list

as President, Barack Obama has...that every single thing on it George W Bush has done as well? 10 things!!!!!
(minus the one "trivialized the War on Terror") And Romney will do the exact same!!

I'm sick to death of my friends and family already saying we're going to hand Obama a second term on a silver platter by us voting on principle.

No, I don't want to give

No, I don't want to give Obama a second term. In addition, I don't really want to give Romney a first term, either.

Neither of them are true to their word, so it is very difficult to trust them and anything they say.

It's too bad that in "the land of the free" we do not have the freedom to vote for who we truly want to vote for.


I agree with the

Bush's 4th term analgy. That is exactly what it is. I live in Ohio, I am voting for GJ.

I personally can't GIVE obummer his re-election. And as far as Rmoney is concerned I would say...Can we really give this guy a first term?



They are running for W. Bush's 4th term!

If he gets a 2nd term it will

If he gets a 2nd term it will be because enough deluded people in the country care to vote for him - but under no circumstances will his re-election be because people with principle refuse to vote for either him or his counterpart.

Do you really want to give the other guy a first term?

Do you really want to give either guy a term? The answer could be yes if the word was short for TERMination. As it is, I'll let others determine the chosen dictator and I'll wash my hands of the whole affair.

no one wants this guy. common

what makes you think that anyone wants him OR Romney? The recent numbers are showing that most people do not want EITHER. So stop with the YOU REALLY WANT THIS GUY? like if he did get re-elected it would be OUR fault and not the Republican Party's fault.

Just stop it - OK? We are all about to step on a gi-normous financial landmine. And that cannot be blamed on anyone here.


Question if you or someone can explain. Why is Obama 49% and Romney 47% as of 10/5/12 in Rasmussen polls. 3% undecided and 1% for "other". Shouldn't that be a least a 15% by now? what are they doing? I don't understand why the rejection of either the red puppet or the blue puppet is not much, much higher?

I know I don't want him to have a second term

And that's why I won't be voting for him. I also don't want Romney to have any terms, so I won't be voting for him. There are more options than just the two worst candidates.

Sorry, there is no way I will

Sorry, there is no way I will ever vote for Romney. Absolutely will not happen. If there are liberty candidate running in my state (Ohio), then I will support them. Otherwise, Rs are out.


Happy Libertarian

GW Bush

Regardless if you vote for Obama or Romney, GW Bush gets a 4th term.

Technically, GHW Bush gets an 11th term

Or his organization does at least.

No, I don't want him to have

No, I don't want him to have a second term, I didn't want him to have a first term. So, will I vote Romney instead?..........HELLZ NAAAAW!!!!!!! I LOVE LIBERTY!!! Dix/Grange will never get it.

Romney IS a second term; with a clean slate and mandate.

They both serve the same people and scams. They're both debt peddling Socialists and Fascist puppets.

Beat me to it....

a vote for Romney IS a vote for Obama (Sotero, whatever).

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche

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4 more years should be enough to wake america up!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


I would rather use Barry as a poster boy for corruption than have to listen to Romney claim he represents us.


I'm still one of those that thinks Obama's not even eligible to be president.

Not only do I want him not there for another term, I want everything he's done to be reversed wholesale.

I'm a Precinct Chairman in my county, and I'm the Secreatry of our County Republican Party, duly appointed and confirmed by our Executive Committee. I'm also Chairman of our Internal Review Committee, and am seated on other County Republican committees.

If I thought Romney would fix any root causes, or will "save" America, I'd call myself delusional. I don't even really like the 3rd party options fully... but at least that one people keep talking about here is interesting. That might provide an opportunity/mandate to educate the public at large and frame the "debate" correctly.

imo, atm.

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Do you

really care about the Constitution and American Freedom and Sovereignty? If you do, you cannot vote for either one...

Whether it's the Autobahn to Hell or the Highway to Hell it is the SAME DESTINATION! Got it yet?

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

If you eally cared

you would get in there and fight rather than run away.

Voting for those other than Obama or Romney

While staying in the GOP to change it is fighting and is NOT running away.
Ballots are anonymous, you can vote how you like as a Registered "whatever"...

The reason I see it as running away

There is a massive job to be done in the GOP, with dozens of candidates who NEED support that they are not getting when people decide to go in another direction. We lost the nomination, but we have not lost the war of ideas.. we have people running for office and they have been abandoned. People focus on the direction they are going. Many here are so angry with the GOP, they want NOTHING to do with it. Many who remain in the GOP but have decided to vote elsewhere are focused elsewhere for now.. but after the election, when ALL the candidates are done, where will our liberty canddiates be? Few may win. But without party and party volunteer help, they have little chance as campaigns are expensive and dirty tricks rule the game.

could it be???

Is granger here getting us all fired up to write in for Ron Paul? She comes on here and makes completely assinine statements like, "romney winning empowers Ron Paul republicans" all the time, she gets downvoted like nobody else, and her arguments are so completely opposite of what a true patriot would think.

maybee she is using reverse pyschology on all of us. man...she's not really as retarded as we all think! She's been playing us to get us to all write about how horrible romney is and getting us to use logical arguments that others will read and learn from.

and all she has to do is make a few, completely illogical arguments, written with horrible grammer and spelling, and call reasonable people nasty names, and she gets us all to put out the message of what a dick romney is and how anything except voting for romney is a better option.

i finally get it. wow. i'm almost speechless.


Nothing you have said covers voting for President in the General. How I vote in the General effects nothing about what I do now. In fact I attended my State Convention on the Sep 29th for the GOP. That was not changed by how I will vote Nov 6th.

You'll notice that Granger

You'll notice that Granger loves to switch the topic when she is cornered. She always is yammering on and on about how everybody needs to join their committees, but when you point out that you have already been doing that, she changes to questioning whether you are doing something else. She'll find a million and one reasons to criticize you if you are not doing exactly as she is and vote for Romney. She is the living definition of self-righteous.

Begining to see that



What liberty candidate ar you helping take the GOP?

So like if I answer this one

Do I get a Check + from you, or another 20 question quiz?

You don't need to answer

I don't get the big secret or fear of 20 questions.

There is no secret

Just wondering what it would take to satisfy you this time. Been down a similar road with you once before, nothing ever seems good enough for you or you babble on about BS like who has done more.
Thus I hesitate to bother with it again as I have no interest in such nonsensical BS...

All I care about is people do something. I don't give a crap what it is they do. If all people do is vote for a Liberty Candidate, it is enough for me. I don't need to quiz them as if it means anything to the discussion at hand..

So when I point something out to you, or I point out what you said does not mean crap as to how one votes in the General and you come back with a "What have you done lately" deflection, naturally my inclination is that you are FOS...

So I ask, will an answer to this one question satisfy you? Or are you going to proceed into a 20 question quiz of pure deflection to see who has the biggest tally-whacker?