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Dr. Webster "Mass Strike" Tarpley Lashes Out at the Daily Paul Folks Again

Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley revisits a hefty dose of mockery and hatred toward the Daily Paul community once again in this week's edition of World Crisis Radio:

Interesting how the good Doctor has no problem spilling aqua regia all over Ron Paul supporters as genocidal dupes and easily conned victims of Willard and his elites (like Benton and Dr. Paul himself), but spares members of the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) from any and all criticism.

After all, they repeatedly attempted to latch onto the Ron Paul Revolution, appearing with their Obama-Hitler posters at the rallies, only to be ignominiously driven away by conscientious liberty folk.

What I mean is, there is no call by ex-Labor Committee member Dr. Tarpley for a mass strike action by the LYM against the wage-gouging, union-busting tyrant Lyndon LaRouche. Oh no. He saves that rhetoric for the lame duck Congressman from Texas.

In discussion about recent defections from the LYM, at around 1:07:00, Dr. Tarpley states, "I have been asked about happenings in [LaRouche's] movement in the period 2003-2007, but I had ceased to attend meetings in... that entity... in 1997 and had cut off all ties... with it... by 1998."

Interesting how the NCLC is referred to, hesitatingly, as "THAT ENTITY" or "IT" in the last couple of broadcasts.

Makes one wonder: Is it painful for Dr. Tarpley to recall his time and contributions to sustaining LaRouche's organization (and lifestyle), or does it bring a warm, nostalgic lump in his throat? It took up more than 27 years of his life, I think.

Since his current program and platform for economic recovery parallels LaRouche's -- namely, an FDR new deal retread based on a good and caring all-powerful executive -- most likely its the latter.

Well, LaRouche just turned 90 the week before last, and his psyche and health are deteriorating fast (as is his youth movement, it seems).

Most likely, Dr. Tarpley is merely jealous of the noise (and mess) the Ron Paul people and their Tea Party associates were able to stir up throughout the year.

Whereas neither Occupy nor the LYM did much of anything except get negative press in the local papers. And that is very hard for a prideful man such as Tarpley to swallow.

Perhaps he can storm into a meeting, seize power, retire LaRouche, and become the NEW leader of the LYM just in time for an anti-Austerity insurrection somewhere north of Zuccotti park?

Sounds like a plan! Doctor Tarpley: You should pray for a Bishop Willard "White Horse Prophecy" Romney victory! Perhaps then, the masses will strike in a way that meets with your narrow band of satisfaction!

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reedr3v's picture

The libertyphobe discredits himself


why he is even getting mentioned at dp

is what baffles me

I listen to Tarpley for his analysis on foreign affairs

I listen to Tarpley exclusively for his analysis on foreign affairs. In his breakdown on Syria, and Libya especially, he has been quite accurate and reliable. I'll go to him before I trust the BBC or Fox or Foreign Affairs.

Because of this, however, I am exposed to his repugnant chortling on domestic policy, and especially his haranguing of Dr. Paul and the Daily Paul people.

He comes around here on a regular basis, so he considers this place a prime resource for "opposition research" which is something our people in the liberty/tea party movement generally have a hard time doing.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Tarpley's a useful idiot

A collectivist who knows nothing about economics. His bogeyman used to be Milton Friedman, until he got wind of something called "Austrian" economics, so now he whines about Hayek. I doubt if he's even heard of Murray Rothbard. I used to enjoy hearing his unique take, even though he's dumb as a box of rocks. He's grown tiresome in recent years. Dolts like him just get in the way, and there's a revolution to be had. FREEDOM!

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

Dear God...

We have people on here, even mod's guilty of the same garbage... If you don't like taking abuse, don't dish it out. Goes for both sides.

Dr. Tarpley

Is an arrogant, bitter, petty, and impish old man.

He spends all his spare time attacking people who spend their days attacking: the big banks, wars, infringement of civil liberties, and corporatism...

Meanwhile, he rails against the big banks, wars, infringement of civil liberties, and corporatism...

Makes perfect sense.

He's just a fat commie

He's just a fat commie bastard, he doesnt know anything. He just makes things up and reports on internet rumors.

Ventura 2012


that happens here too... LOL!

Yeah but besides "Dr" Steve

Yeah but besides "Dr" Steve Parent, none of us comes with an air of authority like Tarpley does lol. I keep reading comments under Tarpley's attack articles/videos claiming that "Tarpley is a smart guy but too smart for his own good." NO! Not a smart guy! An intolerant fraud!

Ventura 2012

From what I have seen personally

and heard from others, you are being WAAY to easy on your brethren here. I can name several off the top of my head, that are tolerated and encouraged to attack others, while censoring and deleting profiles of those who disagree with the mods (and their enablers) groupthink ideologies.

I personally know several who have been deleted from here, and it wasn't for disagreeing with Ron Paul, either. I wouldn't say fraud, but there is an element on here that is WAAY too intolerant than what Dr. Paul who do himself or approve of.

But then Ron Paul Forums is that on steroids, so I've seen worse... STILL...

In that case point them out

In that case point them out to me when you see them and they will get the same treatment. Why am I suddenly in the position of defending 100,000 distinct people? Hey.

Ventura 2012