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A Real Reality Check...

With all the distractions flooding the televisions and social media sites about a vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama I wanted to inform everyone of the reality of voting in the United States.

This statement is outright false. I am and always will be a Ron Paul Inspired Activist. He opened my eyes to the corruption that we live in today. I was at his Rally in Tampa, witnessed the deep reaches of corruption at the RNC and as such am actively involved in trying to get libertarian minded congressmen elected in my state. That being said, with Ron Paul NOT running, here is the cold hard truth...A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obomney Period...and here is why:

Of ALL the registered Voters in the united states, roughly a 2/3rds to 1/2 do not actually vote. Why? Because they are entrapped in this two political party lessor of two evils mentality, or they feel thier vote does not make a difference. The REALITY is that this is probably the single most important election in American history! A 3rd Party CAN win, why because those third party voters come from both the D's and the R's and more importantly, if we can convince people that normally wouldn't vote because of thier options this year, we can have a dramatic impact on this election, if not take it!

I urge each and every person to vote thier conscience for POTUS but learn the facts. We need to motivate the registered voters that there truly is a better choice for them, for US! For the Constitution. No, Gary Johnson is not Ron Paul...but he sure as hell isn't Mitt Romney or Obama!

Food for thought!

For Liberty!!!

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