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The World's First Proven Cancer Preventive?

The pill is a relatively safe FDA-approved generic drug, prescribed millions of times to help control diabetes, and it costs maybe 10-cents a day. But what is surprising is that public health authorities appear to be remiss in announcing this breakthrough. They are the agency in society commissioned to address important public health issues such as this.

Data has been accumulating for 5 years now showing metformin (Glucophage), an anti-diabetic drug, dramatically reduces the risk for cancer and prolongs life among patients who are battling cancer.

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Let me take a deep breath. [Sigh] Help cancer cure yourself!

It is as easy as breathing. Easy breathing.

1920. Let me take you youngsters back. Let's go back to a simpler time. Back when cancer was that got you if nothing else did first. Cancer was a known as rapid growth growth of ill defined cells fed by a rapid infusion of blood to the affected area. Capillaries multiply. Symptoms vary widely.

Said simply, get oxygen to cells to breath.
Submitted by Mark Twain on Mon, 05/16/2011 - 11:43. Permalink

Nourish your sells with proper nutrition to allow them to thrive.

Here is a historical perspective that gives great & grave insight to the wondrous, yet vexing problems of making cancer treatments simple. Money.


More than just a cancer cure, Rife's discovery pointed to a new understanding of what we have mistakenly termed 'the germ theory'.
There are debatable points made & several inks for further study, including:

  • University of Southern California


Amygdalin (vitamin B17, Laetrile) fact sheet. Also apricot seed
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Sources of amygdalin (vitamin B17, Laetrile) -

Opinions vary... Sources of Vitamin B17
Vitamin B17 is not actually a vitamin, but a glycoside. It is found in high percentage in majority of berries and seeds. Its health benefits are...

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