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Maine GOP Silences Ron Paul Supporters and This Gary Johnson-Endorsed Candidate for Senate

Maine's Senate race is both odd and amusing, especially when you are in the middle of it. I am running as the libertarian candidate for Senate in the state. The constant bickering and whining between the three establishment candidates makes them sound like spoiled children in pre-school.

First off, a Republican PAC has been producing TV advertisements for the Democrat in the race. They think it will hurt the front-runner, Angus King, if they support Democrat Cynthia Dill. The advertisements have actually worked, and one poll has Dill doubling her poll ratings. Whether she can retain that now that she is complaining about it, is another matter.

Angus King, on the other hand, has been off to DC raising money from Democratic fund-raisers to fund his campaign. The national Democrats are completely ignoring their nominee Dill, and are helping Angus win. He is still claiming he is "independent," despite endorsing Obama for re-election and rushing off to DC to talk to major Democractic donors.

King's poll ratings have dipped a bit, as you would expect before the actual election, and he has become a bit more cranky. Here is a satirical take on his threat to sue TV stations that are running an advertisement that he doesn't like about his record.

And then we have Charlie Summers, the Republican candidate who is stalled in place and not attracting independent voters. No matter what he does, his polls aren't really moving that much. He has probably hit his "ceiling" in the polls. What is certainly not helping Charlie's cause the Chairman of the Maine Republican party is actively telling Ron Paul supporters/libertarians they are not wanted or needed by the Maine GOP.


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