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There might be a move on to put Missouri in play for a Romney loss - latest polls

Difficult to tell from so little data but both Gravis & Rasmussen are heavily GOP biased.


We all know the stunts that the local GOP leadership and Romney supporters pulled in Missouri.

Getting a Ron Paul supporter arrested, plots behind the scenes to try and limit Ron Paul support - totally abusing the rules in District Conventions etc.

I would think that both Gary Johnson and Dems would pick up support from Independents, if they were shown some of the video evidence of GOP election antics during the caucus and district conventions.

No polls have been run, that I am aware of, naming Gary Johnson in Missouri
In Ohio Johnson got 10% and Romney lost 5.8% to Obama which would wipe out Romney's current 5% lead.
It might not make any difference in Missouri, but at the moment nobody knows.

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