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SPAC: Last call for billionaires for Gary Johnson!

The Libertarian Action Super PAC sent the following email on October 2, 2012:

Dear Libertarian billionaire,

Libertarian Action Super PAC has “shovel-ready” projects to promote Libertarian Gary Johnson for President.

All we need is you!

Thanks to a generous donation of $100,000 earlier this year, most of the overhead for designing and planning these projects is covered.

We’ve posted the details of our projects so you can see exactly what they are, and how we’ll spend your money. We will spend at least 90% of your contribution directly on the vendors who roll out these projects.

More than anything, Gary Johnson needs exposure and better name recognition. (A recent poll showed 74% of voters have never heard of him.) It’s too late for deep philosophical arguments.

Voters need to hear “Libertarian Gary Johnson for President” clearly, loudly, and often, between now and Election Day.

Early voting has already started in Iowa. It’s urgent to fund these projects now!

Below are my personal priorities if you can help.

First is the swing state of Ohio, because it’s likely that whoever wins Ohio, will win the entire election.

I’m not naive enough to think Gary Johnson will win this election. I wish he could, and I think he’d have a remote chance if he were included in all the nationally televised debates.

But, I think they’re going to screw him out of appearing in the debates.

I want Gary Johnson to have high percentages in swing states so that everybody talks about Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Presidential candidate, for the next four years!

$300,000 will make 7.5 million robocalls — enough to call half the voters in Ohio three times each! (We can only get phones for about half the voters.)
$20,000 will robocall 500,000 swing voters in Ohio. See our script. (We’ll get Governor Jesse Ventura to make this call if we raise $20,000.)
$1,000 will robocall 25,000 swing voters in Ohio.


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Hope some step up... Bump

Hope some step up... Bump

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Thank you for bumping this

Peter Theil gave almost 3 million to RP Super PAC.

There was 1 million donation to one of the GJ oriented super pacs -- but so much more is needed.


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