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7 Questions to ask Hypocrite SC Gop Chair Chad Connelly

I hope you like this video and questions:
You can email Chad at:

chad@ChadforChair.com ;

chad@freedomtide.com ;

chad@scgop.com ;

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if you get a chance

ask him

I hope

you ask

here are the questions

1. The supreme court said that you failed to follow state law with candidate filing and this resulted in over 100 republicans being removed from the ballot , are you going to resign?

2. Ed Harris got more votes than his primary opponent why did you list Ed Harris as losing election? follow up Who paid you off?

3. Do you take responsibility for all the improper filings for the candidates getting removed from the ballot? If so, when will you resign?

4. Why are you opposed to the lawsuit to prevent democrats voting in our primaries?

5. South Carolina has historically run and paid for its own presidential preference primaries in January. Why did you ask the Government to run and pay for the primary? Why do you need to rely on the govt to do something that we can do ourselves?

6. The republican party has always conducted candidate filings without any problems until you became chairman, why do you support the legislation that would put the govt in charge of candidate filing?

7. Why did the SC GOP borrow $340,000 and how do you intend on paying it back?