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James Corbett: Iran is Already Under Attack

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Is it really a nuclear bomb they are worried about?

Or is it other technology? Tesla, Dr Wood, Dr Keshe and Hutchinson all seem to be referring to another technology.
Bibi Netanyhus recent demonstration speech at the UN showed a cartoon picture of a bomb, that just does not seem to square with 21 century technology, its so 1940s. Many countries including N. Korea have atomic bombs, it would seem any sovereign country wishing to have one does. Could it be there is another technology that has been suppressed that both the US and Israel don't want released? Is there any evidence that such a technology does exist?
Maybe Keshe is a snake oil salesman, or just maybe he has stumbled over something else. Both Judy Wood and Keshe refer to Tesla, is it possible the Hutchinson effect is real? http://www.thehutchisoneffect.com/
If information was released regarding this technology, who would it hurt or benefit? What would happen if this information was released? Maybe the price of oil would crash, what would that do to the petrodollar, or the 911 investigation?

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Good point

They are killing off some of the smartest people on the planet, what if one of them was the next Einstein? Or realized how to provide the human race with free energy? All this seems mighty fishy.

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It is mighty fishy, some things just don't add up

I am not a nuclear physicist, but I don't think there is any great mystery as to how to make an atomic bomb, the hard part is to refine the material. To assassinate Iran's scientists won't help, the technology is already out, why bother? Now if those scientists are working on something new, that's another matter. Atomic bombs are circa 1940s, micro waves are circa 1950s and LASRS are from the 1960s, with trillions dumped into military R&D, 2 Tril of which they can't account for, I'm thinking they may have something a little more interesting. Check out Dr Judy Wood, at the link above, I think she is on to something new and I wonder if the Iranian scientists may be working on it.

This is very sad. Iran is leading the world

in scientific technology because they are NOT ruled by the Rothschild central bank Zionist oligarchy that controls Israel, USA, UK, and the other NATO nations.

And so these evil monsters murder Iran's scientists! This typifies the IMMATURITY of the Zionist group. They will suppress, murder, and destroy any person/technology that threatens their PROFIT and wealth.

Iran is the only nation peaceably going about its own business and making scientific progress. Iran refuses to join NATO or have a Rothschild central bank. This is why Iran is being targeted. Zionists care nothing for humanity or scientific progress unless they can meter it and charge the public.

USA and other nations are held back by the big oil industry, bankers, Zionist who are suppressing all new inventions that might interfere with their PROFITS from oil and metered public utility energy.


News like this always makes me sad. Most US citizens don't see the Iranians as human beings just trying to live their own lives.

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Thanks for posting

Thanks for posting


for the truth.


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