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This guy is England's Ron Paul (UK Independence Party)

Liberty is cherished and love everywhere. Even with our cousins across the Atlantic. Nigel Farage is carrying the torch of the Liberty Movement throughout England. If there is anyway we, as Ron Paul supporters and Liberty Lovers, can support him and the movement he has started in England; we should.



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I watch the Europarl Plenary

I watch the Europarl Plenary and Committees every morning and hope Nigel speaks each day (he doesn't) because when he does he gets your attention. The other UKIP meps are worth listening to especially when they call out Martin Schulz.

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I read your title and thought

I read your title and thought "hey I bet it's going to be Nigel" and you didn't let me down :) ... Yes, Nigel is a very good man. I saw an interview a while back and they compared him to Ron Paul and he said he took that as a great compliment :)

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I've seen a few of his speeches... he is quite amazing... wish he was here, but glad for Britain.