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Hate to be the one to say it, but it's time to radicalize the R3volution

So Now It's Gary Johnson? U Still Don't Get It

I have been compelled to post this.

I am an accomplished agitator in various movements. My nature is not to get you to simply think but to get you to react, activate, become a radical for the cause.

Something I see lacking right now is the radical nature that goes along with the truly dire situation in the very near future. Many have become passive pedestrians to a gruesome train wreck that we happen to be passengers on. One or two of us is running through the cabins telling people the train is going off the cliff while others are complicit with assisting with stoking the flames or trying to overtake the conductor when we are beyond the point of no return.

Ask yourself, if things are this bad, why are conventional methods to change the system still being endorsed wholesale?

To be honest the entire system needs to be smashed, a radical idea, but how? I'm suggesting a complete derailment. It ain't pretty but neither is the bottom of a cliff.

Right now there is a unique moment in the movement. In the past many have been associated with a man, Ron Paul. With his name, his methods, even his tactics for change. There is freedom in a leaderless movement, in an irate and tireless minority that can't be controlled from a top-down organization.

One charismatic leader will not set the world right.

This is a good thing! You are no longer tied down from saying or doing what you believe will advance the movement. I encourage everyone to think long and hard about this moment.

This video speaks volumes to me. Sure we will have those that see some kind of long game strategy in electoral politics even though we all have been blatantly shown how stacked the deck is against us. This is a group that will tirelessly try to wrestle power from the conductor. There are those that seek to educate their community, but we are lacking tactics that will jar the public into realizing the insanity of all of this and at times appear to be a raving lunatic running up and down the cabins. Who will be tackled by the staff, even the other passengers and locked away till the end of the trip.

It is time to get creative. It is time to think outside of the box and not within the box the system has constructed for us.

It is time to take a risk and leap from the train!
I like the idea of "The R3volution" as it has always been appropriate. The founders decided to take a leap of faith, in themselves and their fellow colonists. Do we know what it will take today to recreate that spirit?

I think Samuel L. Jackson said it best in a recent video. What can we do to shatter paradigms and get more of the public to "Wake the #*!% Up"? When will it cease to matter that we have the numbers but our ideas just become evident? What tactics will absolutely demoralize our opponents and expose them for what we know them to be?

This is the time to begin our evolution for the sake of our future. At this point there is no sidelines, there is only the field of this crisis, this moral deficit, this fight for our lives.

I hate to be the one to say it, but it's time to radicalize the R3volution. The movement has not gone far enough.

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Well, you just putt your butt on the line.

Admirable, but very probably foolhardy, as Federal eyes and ears are everywhere. All I can say is, since busloads of Ron Paul delegates let themselves be kidnapped in Tampa without immediate consequences to the perps, I would not be counting on many in the movement to follow your lead, as that was the perfect provocation to use some serious force against those responsible.

If you DO want to do something constructive, might I suggest you facebook EVERY activist organization you can imagine for set up flash crowds and picket lines outside of the Presidential Debates and let the Presidential Debates Commission know, in no uncertain terms, they either allow all candidates on enough ballots to hypothetically win to participate or there will be NO debates. I would start with Occupy Wall Street and We Are Change.

Love your passion and share

Love your passion and share your frustration.

When the liberty movement reaches critical mass, we will have change. We simply haven't yet reached that point.

But, we are growing. Keep the faith.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein