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"teej Theory - Of Everything.

Teej Theory is based on the work of Einstein's String Theory, such that gravity was a result of space curve-time. Many observers have not been able to solve how this action happens in an Infinite Universe.

The answer is as simple as the fundamentals of Dimensional existence.

The First Dimension is composed of two singular points making a connection. The First singular point is WITHOUT Dimension, while as a single point, it is immeasurable. Only do we first understand distance or length is when the secondary singular point is included. Thus, it requires 'time' to happen. We know that there is an end to singularity of the First Dimension when the Second Dimension is introduced. Thus, the First Dimension is finite (unless you consider field theory, which is a field of finite First Dimensions).

The Second Dimension happens when a tertiary point is included in a separate or opposing direction. Thus, once the secondary point of the First Dimension connects with the tertiary point of the Second Dimension, we know have the X and Y axis. Up, Down, Left, Right.

The Third Dimension, which gives us volume or space, happens when a fourth point is included to the already existing dimensions. This is what gives us coordinate direction Z... X, Y, Z, is what our universe is observably existing as.

All things happen with space and time, thus our physical reality is in the Third Dimensional understanding while our Perceptive Reality is in the 4th Dimension, it is how we observe the dimensions below us.

Since Special Relativity tells us that all things are moving uniformly, we must conclude that through observed orbital patterns and through our fundamental dimensional existence, that we do live in a FINITE UNIVERSE.

Think of a record player, think of the vinyl and its rings. The center spin-wheel is the center of the 3-dimensional volume. Imagine the earth is the 3rd song, and the galactic extents are the 7th.

We can observe that through the gravity-time-space-curve, the location of the object in respect to the center will have a strong gravity-time.

We observe those that go to the moon or are in orbit age slower, this is because our bodies genetic cells are resisting less gravity-time force, causing our cells to work easier and less stressed, prolonging life.

We also know that fruits and vegetables provide natural energy, which requires less work for our body, which means we can live longer lives when we use less physical stress-energy.

That, my Daily Paul Friends.. is Teej Theory.

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