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FBI Employee Molested by TSA Workers

Prison Planet: An FBI employee has exclusively revealed to Infowars how he was “molested” by TSA agents despite having a Top Secret security clearance, while TSA workers also allowed his partner through security with an unmarked bag of white powder.

Chad Snow writes of how he was traveling through Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, the same location ofthe recent “all stop” drill where TSA agents ordered all passengers to freeze for no discernable reason other than obedience training.

When Snow told a female TSA worker he would like to opt out of the X-ray body scanner, the agent “screamed” for a male TSA agent to conduct a search, an action Snow took to be an “intimidation tactic.”

Snow was then verbally chastised for attempting to retrieve his belongings, which included his FBI credentials.

“Now the man

Read more: http://www.infowars.com/fbi-employee-molested-by-tsa-workers/

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Take one for the team bitch!


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Maybe federal agents will soon be so busy with each other...

they will have time for the rest of us.

I hope they form a circular firing squad.

Puppets get molested as well

After all they are good puppets because they are submitters.