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Just saw some hilarious GJ BS on here

Someone said that they were voting for GJ bc he was the lessor of the good candidate available.

Isnt that the same as voting to the lessor of two evils?

I dont give a flying F if write ins arent counted in some states, Ron Paul will get more in write-ins than GJ will on the regular ballot.

Even if write-ins arent counted in your particular state....be a man or woman of principal....thats why we are all here right? We wanted Paul to win the Presidency bc he has principals and values.

Where are your principals and values, damn cowards......

So many of you GJ people are most likely paid staffers, just like on the Rmoney facebook page before the convention.

Stop the BS.

Lessor of two good.....give me a break.

Grow a pair and pick up your proverbial rifle and vote like we all promised....Paul or no one....show the establishment what happens when you alienate and disenfranchise their own.

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It's obvious you're an asshole and a jerk!

Grow up, its quite easy to do!!

The Winds of Change!

Insults only mean you have no real argument

I'm working to liberate us from a police state, because freedom is popular, growing up isn't a choice, everyone has an asshole and we all take our turns being one.. I'm not jerking your chain.. maybe you might want to give me a rational debate rather than name calling or orders what to do?

You have a funny way of showing it.

By voting Romney you inherently support the NDAA, the Patriot Act and all that other BS as Romney is on record supporting them.

I don't agree

By voting Romney, I empower Ron paul Republicans to STOP Romeny from solidifying the NDAA, Partiot Acts and all the other unconstitutipoanl BS brought to us by the Neoliberals and Neocons over the last three decades.

Oh I see

So by voting Romney you think that you don't support the NDAA, The Patriot Act and that you do still somehow support Liberty.
By voting Romney who does support the NDAA, the Patriot Act and all the other unconstitutional BS you believe you will somehow be opposing it and supporting Liberty?
Are you daft or simply being funny? Is this opposites day or am I confused?
I ask because that line of ill-logic is so ridiculous I am not sure what to say you. I am leaning towards your mental health being so far past repair that it is no longer worth my time.

i think you finally made your dumbest comment yet.

"By voting Romney, I empower Ron paul Republicans to STOP Romeny..."

hmmm...can anyone think of statements as totally ignorant and contradictory as the one i just quoted from granger. lets try.

By eating cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, i am empowered to cure my diabetes.

By smoking cigarettes non-stop from the time i wake up until i go to bed, i am empowered to breath better and ensure i won't get cancer.

By sitting on the couch all day, i am empowered to get in the best physical shape of my life.

what a loon you are, granger!

that's about as funny as it gets,

coming from a person like you, granger, that constantly insults and demeans others! because your insane argument that a vote for romney is a vote for liberty has no traction, you insult and demean others.

like you said, "Insults only mean you have no real argument", and you are the perfect example of that.


Excellent analysis!

Terrific job in stating the truth entirely and very accurately.

Those who doubt what you've written here and in the past, are in for quite a let down very soon. Can't say you didn't warn them.

Thank you (((((((((Nonna)))))))))

I will try not to say, "I told you so". No need to rub it in, eh? I will say, "Let me help you get on your committee and have a great time taking these SOBs down!" ;))

So let me get this right..

Anyone that doesn't elect to write-in RP is without principle, and a coward..
Think I'll have to disagree with you there.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

to clarify....

I only meant that ppl are "cowards" if they promised to vote paul or no one...and choose someone else now.

No one will ever be elected by write in....ever.....

Im not asking people to write him in for election purposes....im asking people to stand by their original convictions and do what they promised to do.

Does that explain the difference?

I understand where your coming from

but you must also see that part of the motivation of those that support the Libertarian campaign, is building the 3rd party base into a viable alternative, with a voice to spread the message of liberty, challenge the R&D monolopy and a platform for the next election cycle.
Nobody is abandoning Ron Paul.
We are all RP Revolutionaries, eyes open and awake. Those that might find they made a wrong choice will be back in the fold, a little disappointed, but a little wiser, and continue the fight.

We're all in this together..all roads lead to Rome.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.


Anyone who did not join the GOP, attend committee/ council meetings, go to GOP events, and show up to let their GOP KNOW what happened at the RNC was unacceptable, and make a stand in the GOP against what happened.. anyone who left the GOP to let them continue as crooks, liars, cheats.. anyone who thinks getting out of the GOP and letting them get away with lying, stealing, cheating.. anyone who thinks GOP GJ is anything more than a straw man set up by the GOP to give Ron Paul supporters a "choice" to NOT fight in the GOP, is a coward who left the fight and sought LOVE for Republican GJ, thus they are also a fool.

You do realize

In the General you can vote whoever you please and still remain in the GOP to continue the fight?
The two are not mutually exclusive.

so you make that stand by

so you make that stand by giving an oath to vote for the very jerkoff who did all those things? that makes a lot of sense.

My vote is political, not personal

My vote is to remain in the fight.. I'm not going to let them eliminate me because Romney cheated. I'm going to stay in the fight and FIGHT. It's a damn good fight. It's not about Romney, or Ron Paul.. it's about materializing the message.. and that's what I'm doing.

Watch tonights debate.. see how Romney starts talking like Ron Paul.

So now we have..

anyone that doesn't stay within the GOP is a fool and a coward.

Well I think we certainly respect your choice to stay and restructure the status quo, but doesn't that include voting for Mitt Romney?
Therein lies a dilemma.

Maybe we need to resolve some of this bias, respect others views and choices, and get this Intellectual Revolution moving forward.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

It's no delimna

My Romney vote is political, not personal. This isn't a personal war. This is a war of ideas, and we win some and lose some. We lost the nomination because they lied, cheated and stole.. but ALSO because so many Ron Paul supporters refused to join the GOP and get in the fight. They would rather the GOP continue to "lose it's way", lie, cheat, steal, than to get in and STOP IT. They think they are too small, or don't have the power or the ability. They say they want truth, but they don't go and see the truth in person.

They don't go to the committee meetings, they don't say ENOUGH! They don't write the editor letters and say, RNC cheated! They step aside, vote for the GOP straw man, or Democratic Party option, "write-in Ron Paul", both default FOR Obama.

This election is not about Romney.. it's about getting the MESSAGE materialized; and Ron Paul, I'm here to tell you, did not mislead anyone. It's not about Ron Paul.. it's about WE THE PEOPLE TAKING THE GOP AND RESORING AMERICA to constitutional government.

I understand your motives

but you must consider some people would not consider voting Romney as political, but a compromise of principle and possibly even hypocritical..so it's simply not an option for them.

Others may feel the GOP hierarchy has shut the door on party infiltration and will purge any from it's ranks, by any means.

Others, including myself, may think the GOP has pushed its own moral corruption to the point of self destruction, and will leave nothing but a depressed and despised shell in its wake. The dinosaur that once stood for something.

Then again, just how many openings are there in the GOP establishment..enough to accomodate three million RP supporters?

Choices, choices..you consider the alternatives, make your choice, and live with the consequences. good or bad.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

Other people

Other people have their own agendas, motivations, and many of them are not genuine, sincere, or honest, not well thought out, and under the influence of MSM, not truth.

Ron Paul has said, "The GOP lost it's way", but that did not stop Ron Paul from joining and remaining a Republican since 1988.

Now many of us who joined the GOP to help Ron Paul in the good fight of RESTORING it, America, the constitution are unlike those here who are unwilling, unable and not ready, and that's fine. This fight is for the strong, the brave and those who really really want to be free, aren't playing around, and take it all very seriously. It is a fight for those who have been fighting, just as these others suggest, third party and write in, for decades.

Ron Paul has taken us off the streets and into seats, and those seats are what are enabling us to change the GOP.

Yes, there is room for millions, and there should be millions showing up to be counted as fighting for freedom.

When I began going, I was alone, then there were two of us, and now as new seats are being filled, we are winning.. the more Ron paul Republicans the better. This fight will never be over.


Talk about conspiracy theories!!!

Now the GOP has put up GJ, so the Ron Pauler's think we have a choice.

You're a fruit cake, packed with a lot of nuts!!

Good grief, I’ve heard it all!!!

The Winds of Change!

I love conspiracy theory

It's the best entertainment for those who dare think out of the MSM box, but I'm not offering you a conspiracy theory. I'm telling you what I have seen as a 17 year LP member who got tired of the GOP using us as an issue dumping ground for conservatives while they went left, and an Indy for 17 years who fought for open debates and ballots. Why did the LP nominate Bob Barr in 08? Was it to give the conservatives who were angry with Clinton a vote because McCain was too far left for them? Chuck Baldwin rejoined the GOP BTW.

So if you want to be fooled about the purpose of third parties (Obama was a member and vetted in The New Party.. there are 36 registered third parties in the USA, and they are all controlled by the major parties).

If you think that the GOP and Democratic Party, who both relish war, and that includes against their own people, do not set people up so they can win by any means, you would be underestimating their love of coersion, fraud and winning.

I take your insult as proof you don't have a real argument against what I am saying about GJ and the GOP, which I am a credentialed member. The GOP lost it's way.. GJ helps them remain on their path, and so do those who left the good fight in the GOP and joined him.

Some of us are not leaving the fight... I'm one of those.

That's not what I said. The

That's not what I said.

The people that promised ron paul or no one, and now jumping on the Gj VW beetle should stand by their word.

For what it's worth

I think many within the RP movement are looking for a direction to support Ron Paul the man, rather than the Ron Paul message.
May be better to open our minds, consider all options, respect the choice of others, and move the Intellectual Revolution ahead.

Peace, Liberty and Prosperity (RP).

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.


We still are. We still do not vote for the D or R picks.

Yes you do

GJ is a Republican and will return to the GOP.. you are voting for Obama by defaut, and in reaction to lying, cheating and stealing YOU RUN AWAY FROM THE FIGHT, letting the GOP get away with it!


No I don't. By voting L, that inherently means you do not vote D or R or any other big Letter you dream up.
GJ is on the Libertarian ticket and thus he is not the Establishments choice to win the present Election. I really don give a damn what party he originates from at this point. I do not any longer vote based on party. None on here should.

Seeing as Romney never had my vote nor did Obama, then my vote for Gary Johnson will be for Gary Johnson and the L party he currently represents. Subsequently my vote will be quantified when Romney loses which hopefully sets the stage for some decent candidates in 2016.

As such should I vote for Gary Johnson that means I do not vote for the R pick or the D pick as I previously stated. The laws of Physics do not bend here. An L vote does not magically become a D vote as you and your kind assert.

Secondly your logic is flawed. Should I vote for the R nominee Romney, in the face of the GOP lying, cheating and stealing. Then that would mean I condoned it and thus let them get away with it as you suggest I do by voting L. I do not and so I do not vote for the R nominee Romney. When you vote for the R nominee Romney, THEN you condone the GOP lying, cheating and stealing and THEN you let them get away with it.

Now had I voted for Obama that would mean when I received the ballot in hand I would have filled in the Bubble next to his name. That is the only way my vote becomes a vote for Obama. In no other way can my vote possibly ever be counted for Obama. Since this will never happen, then I will never have voted for Obama default or otherwise. This is not rocket science or even magic.

This fallacious BS of having to vote for Rs over Ds as voting for any other party is a default vote for Ds is nonsensical. To many think like you and so we go back and forth between crapsandwich candidates every so many years. Your reasoning and people like you who follow this reasoning, is why we now have a 2 party duopoly. This also why we constantly get placed in situations of only voting for the lesser of 2 evils, eg crapsandwich candidates. I refuse to play this nonsensical losing game anymore. It is bad for the country and even worse for Liberty.

I will vote as I see fit and if others join me then great! I will vote for who I think will do the better job and or make a statement with my vote. No longer will I buy into your kinds claptrap that I vote for "Loser A" by default if I don't vote for "Loser B" in action.

Seriously, go spew your BS somewhere else.

This really deserved its own

This really deserved its own thread...

Southern Agrarian

no, it's about moving the

no, it's about moving the country in the right direction.

both of the other candidates, despite one driving 60 mph off a cliff as opposed to 55 mph, will still take us off the cliff.

how about allowing people vote how they like?

talk about what they like etc?

If you want to write in Paul for your own reasons, do it. Even if you know you're going to spoil your vote, it doesn't matter to me. It's your vote.