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BBC poll

The BBC has a poll, but it only consists of Two candidates (guess who).


So I sent them an email. We expect the US lame stream media to disenfranchise us, but the rest of the world, we expect better. We have to fight everywhere for fairness. Time for people to step up again.

My feedback to them.

"You, like the US media are disenfranchising the people by omitting other candidates. Gary Johnson, Libertarian is registered in all 50 States and Virgil Goode, Constitution party, is registered in most of the states. You do know that about 60% or voters are independent/no party in the US don't you ?"

This is the feedback link for that poll http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-19807305

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Why not..

send them your thoughts. I did.

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