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Patrick Combs deposits a junk-mail cheque for $95,000 – for a joke. The bank cashes it!

It was a cheque, made out in my name, for $95,093.35 and it came in a junk-mail letter from a get-rich-quick company. It was worthless, meant only as a financial tease, a lip-licking come-on. “This is how much money you could soon be making.” What it was never meant for was deposit. But that’s exactly what made the thought of depositing it so irresistibly funny. What could possibly be funnier than depositing a perfectly ridiculous, obviously false, fake cheque? (Did I mention it had “non-negotiable” clearly written on it?) So, as a joke, I deposited the fake cheque into my bank’s ATM. I felt like a million bucks doing so. I’d never had so much fun at my bank. Come to think of it, I’d never had any fun at my bank until the moment I endorsed the back of this “cheque” with a smiley face and slipped the Monopoly-like money into the mouth of the hungry ATM. For the first time ever, I walked away from my bank laughing.

What I expected to happen next was a short phone call from my bank. Or a letter informing me of what I already knew, that the cheque I deposited was not real. Admittedly, I also hoped for a compliment on my refined sense of humour. A “Mr Combs, what you deposited was not real but very funny, especially considering your real bank account balance history” (an account always bouncing into overdraft).
Continues: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/93a47a62-daf0-11e1-8074-00144feab4...

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I dont think this is too funny at all

Really? Was that really his motive? Playing a joke on a bank by depositing a fake check and never returning the money because the bank wasnt nice about it? lol For him thinking this story was funny and really trying to sell it as a joke is the only funny part about it, because I dont buy it. lol I am not that dumb and you can tell he is reaching to make it believable.

Whats even funnier is for him to turn this into some international production skit and for it to be a success. This guy's sense of humor reminds me of the Joker on batman.

Hmm, After reading it, it

Hmm, After reading it, it seems kind of phony, but still humorous.

Southern Agrarian

It seems legit to me...

It is on the Financial Times and if you Google his name there are many hits with the story...

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This is actually terrifying.

This is actually terrifying. If he can do this, whats stopping other people from taking on the role of the federal reserve and counterfeiting?

Southern Agrarian