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Blame Ron Paul for WHAT?

When we told you nobody could win but Ron Paul, due to the divide in the Republican party that would be caused by an RP loss, not to mention the way in which the RP supporters were treated publicly at the RNC, we were not mistaken; day by day this truth will become more evident.

So should Ron Paul supporters be blamed for Romney’s future loss? Nope. The GOP should have done a better job at providing a candidate everyone, including the Republican grassroots could get behind. The fact that they didn’t and wanted to shove Romney down our throat is to their own detriment, as you can now see.

Romney was going to have a hard enough time beating the democratic messiah in the first place but now, Ohio, Maine, Nevada, and Virginia, all huge swings states, are being divided because the establishment still doesn’t want to work with the Republican leaders and grassroots in those states that support Dr. Paul. Well, we could say we told you so, but what good would that do for anyone? I guess the only thing that can be said you will reap what you sow. Four more years of Obama, I guess Ron Paul wouldn’t have been so bad after all huh? Considering now you’re stuck with Obama, the choice was always Ron Paul or Obama, now it is just too late.

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Romney is proof that it is possible to force feed a candidate to

the masses.

And if that effort fails, simply stealing the election with the machines will do the trick every time.

It also proves that the American People are stupid and will accept whatever their media will tell them.

America is ripe for a full blown tyrannical take over.

There will not be any resistance worth a damn.

As long as you move slowly enough to not provoke a response, and as long as you own and control the media through ignorance, control the school system, and control major corporations - you have a lock on power that will never be challenged.

America has become a successful example of how to implement a dictatorship, how to enslave a people, and have them beg for it.

Our electoral process proves this.

Very Well Put

Couldn't have said it more eloquently myself.

You just got PAULED!

On the one hand I want to agree...

but on the other I'm skeptical and think that the presidential election is probably just as rigged as the primaries. I'm starting to believe that the powers that be (the bankers) are really the ones pulling the strings and that if they want Obama to be the puppet, it's going to be Obama. Ron Paul was never going to be allowed because he's not a member of the New World Order elite like Obama and Romney. Aren't both parties just fronts for the globalists? Is there any reality to the notion of "Democrats versus Republicans?"

I'm just asking - I don't know the answers to these questions but I'm beginning to lean (a lot) in the direction of it all being a big scam.

When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object. - Patrick Henry

Absolutely right

Romney was the least electable, but instead of people thinking critically for themselves, they listen to the MSM believing only what they hear, and then wind up with the least electable candidate while throwing the MOST electable candidate out. These arrogant know it all fools did this to themselves. And now when its becomming clear they will lose they turn around and blame us. I mean this is the height of ignorance, and these RINOs still keep on truckin down the same road. Why cant they learn??? NOTHING is EVER their own fault, it's the democrats or its the crazy Paul supporters. Noone takes any responsibility anymore, not even to think anymore. It's EVERYONE elses fault. And they honestly believe this. It's funny turning on talk radio and everyone who calls in thinks they are an expert like they know how to solve it. 99% of the time they are wrong, but speak with authority. Absolutely amazing...


"4 more years of Obama, I guess Ron Paul wouldn’t have been so bad after all huh"

I'm going to put this on some signs/stickers and put one on my car, in my yard, and on my office door at work if Obama wins.

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I swear, these republicans...they want to tell you how crazy we are while they shoot themselves in the foot. "big tent"...just makes me laugh.

You just got PAULED!