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How To Make A Survival PVC Bow For Your Bug-Out-Stuff

How To Make A Survival PVC Bow For Your Bug-Out-Stuff

"Something that could come in handy in a survival situation is a way to kill critters for food. Hint a bow. Even if you are not planning for survival in the New Amerika... (which you might ought to think about) This would be a GREAT family or home school project. This bow has many possibilities and will provide hours of entertainment while practicing a valuable survival skill. So add another tool to your tool box and check out this very interesting and unique video............................................"

WATCH AND READ THE REST HERE: http://libertychatter.com/how-to-make-a-survival-pvc-bow-for...

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If there was ever a zombie

If there was ever a zombie Apocalypse then a bow and crossbow would be my choice of weapon. Ammo in guns can go scarce if you don't know how to make bullets.



lol So I guess there will be no trees but plenty of PVC ???

I'm more interested in how to easily/quickly make string and arrowheads.

For a spear all we need is a knife taped to a stick. That is until homeland security confiscates them.

Watching Survivorman you can survive off raw weeds and insects just fine, everything else is a just a matter of comfort and taste.

Necessary tools: hands that get dirty.

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Have you seen these videos?

Primitive skills are the way to go IMO.


A little more work but pretty handy as a skill when you might not be in a place where you cam always get supplies.

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I made a couple of these a

I made a couple of these a few months ago and they are awesome.You can get the 55 inch bowstring on amazon for 10 bucks and for the fiberglass rod you can use a 4 foot fiberglass reflective driveway stake found at home depot or lowes for 2 bucks.With the 3/4 and 1/2 inch pvc this bow costs about $25 bucks.I also make the arrows out of oak dowels sharpened with a carving knife and I make the feathers out of colored duct tape.The arrows will run you about $1.50 each.The bow has a draw of about 55lbs and it is definitely not a toy.One more thing,be sure to unstring the bow after use so it doesn't lose its draw power.

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pretty cool.

For those that want to spend a little more and increase their range and chances of success getting small game, there's this.


The whole rifle breaks down and fits into its own stock, is about 16 inches long and fits nicely into a bugout bag. Plus 22 ammo is cheap and you can carry a lot of it. It also supposedly floats when packed into the stock.
Ruger makes a nice one as well.

Well worth the 200 bucks imo.

I agree and Buds is a good

I agree and Buds is a good place to get it to!
Thanks for sharing.

Both would be nice to have and know how to use though. :-)


Awesome. Sure beats the coat

Awesome. Sure beats the coat hanger bow I tried to make as a kid :|

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Very nice

how creative.

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