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Can we get a "Ron Paul" chant going at the debate tonight?

I saw this idea on Twitter. Any way to make it happen?

We can send a message that we won't forget what the establishment did to Ron Paul and that the r3VOLution is still alive. There will be millions of people watching all over the country.

And if we can't do it at this debate, maybe we can do it at the next one (so we'll have more time beforehand to plan it).

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Keep Attacking

8 day man. You don't impress me with your Ohio attitude.

I'm sorry, you're right....

I'm sorry, you're right....

We should ask the old man for permission before we voice our opinions.

We should run it by YOU before anyone decides to do something that you don't agree with.

Does anyone call you the minute man? That has more meaning than how many days someone has been a member of a website?

People live in Newark to pretend theyre from Arlington or westerville.

Rude a hole

I think it would be

I think it would be hilarious, but childish, if the audience chanted USA USA whenever Romney spoke. Remember the GOP national convention where those Romney people chanted USA whenever someone protested the RNC's rule breaking of their own convention rules? Still, I can't think of another person who deserves this blowback more than Romney.

This would be Legen...

wait for it...


Sorry for the TV cliche, but it's the first thing that popped in my head!


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