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Debate NO propaganda Yes

Gun grabbing socialist.

Great idea - lousy execution

Where is Gary Johnson, the only 3rd party candidate on the ballot in 47+ states?

Thor med Hammeren
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wasn't he on the ballots of

wasn't he on the ballots of all 50 states? what happened?

What is this?

Third party debate and they leave out GJ and Virgil Goode?

I looked into the Justice party.

Sounds like a party that forgot to put the "Social" in their name. Seems the commentary is aimed at left leaning voters.

Ron Paul 2016

I'm confused

I don't see any third parties here?

Here's the thread to GJ comments

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I've watched (lurked) on the Democracy Now! content for a while

Thanks for this post.

It's a nice initiative they have there. If only 1st Amendment-wise, anyway. Props to them if only for that.

That said...

I've watched (lurked on) the Democracy Now! content from time to time and for a while, now.

I really am AGAINST the full blown democracy thing they regularly appeal for, along with too much socialist-flavored ideas (to my taste).

I also wish both their speakers/advocates (who seem intelligent) and their audience would be better educated on some topics, and thus know MUCH MORE about Ayn Rand's, Ron Paul's, Mises', and other true libertarians, and with MUCH LESS attention paid to Noam Chomsky's almost exclusively as it seems.

This is getting reaaaaally old ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libertarian_socialism

... and is doomed to fail, no less than the current mess. To them day dreamers : you ought to wake up, too.

Chomsky is a great linguist, in my opinion, but he has also, ALAS ! politically speaking, convinced himself with very hazardous ideas. Maybe the two are related, after all.

Ah well.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

All but Gary Johnson.


expected his answers to the debate q's but got an empty video message instead.

Mouth Diarrhea

I'll be playing blocks with my 1 year old. It's infinitely more constructive than being lied to on a national level.

I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: "O Lord make my enemies ridiculous." And God granted it.


Is anyone watching the show right before the debate about volcanos? I feel like the American people will learn more watching this program than from the debates.

now that Dr. Paul has dropped

... all of a sudden the faux-opposition media whores such as Democracy Now and friends suddenly want to treat Dr. Paul "fairly"...

. . . sorry ... not buying. Amy Goodman is a left-gatekeeper, nothing more...

Troll the LINK and the Choice

Make sure to go on CNN and FOX and any other outlet where you can advertise the link. How embarassing would it be for them with all their funding to be outdone by DemocracyNOW hahhaH.

They're such a sham...

Official Gary Johnson Response to 1st Presidential Debate Ques

This is the news article that touts that Gary Johnson is going to be response to the First Presidential Debate on twitter. Click here for the news article: http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/Ken-Walshs-Washington/2012/...

No Johnson

From What I've heard from my friend, who works with a another news agency, it looks like it will be Roseanne Barr.

No Johnson? I wonder if he

No Johnson? I wonder if he turned it down, or wasn't invited.

pretty sure

he already had plans to do his own online commentary ....

I wonder if marijuana will come up in topics? Gary Johnson is the only one who could hit that one out. I mean, they are in Colorado - come on.

too bad

well the viewership is very left. However he would appeal to them on many issues and might bet them to think about the others. Only way to get people is through exposure to ideas.

Can't get excited

about something called "democracy" If it was "republicnow" then I would feel better. I also don't like the fact that "blackboxvoting" named their video on voter fraud "Hacking Democracy" but I try to overlook the name since the video is quite informative. We have been brought up with the D word and most don't know any better. Time to change that.



This is one big slap in the face to Ron Paul! Again. And a poor attempt at trying to show the two big parties don't monopolize the elections. I mean, really? The two big boys answer first and then we're taken to ??? some obscure place where the "lesser" candidates can voice their little opinions,as though they aren't good enough, viable enough to really be in the debate? All the while, the country desparately needs Ron Paul. The U.S. citizens have once again been cheated out of what we wanted, needed and would be the best thing that ever happened to this country!!

P.S. And I suspect more people wanted Ron Paul than anyone will ever know!

Ron Paul took the pay-off

I ran for the Reform Party nomination for two reasons: to invite Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich to show their courage and lead We the People Reform Coaltion (http://bigbatusa.org), and to put all the good ideas from many people across multiple ideological lines, in one place.

Ron Paul is a traitor. He sold out to the Republican Party and he betrayed the Paulistas, among them myself. Rand Paul is a light-weight and it just turns my stomach to have his Dad do an Al Gore (go belly up for the right bribe) and let all this happen.

2012 is the year that Ron Paul could have led a coalition cabinet, a balanced budget, and an end to all taxes (replaced my a tiny Automated Payment Transaction Tax on ALL transactions including now untaxed stock and currency transaction). Occupy would have rallied to him, the Independents would have rallied to him.

He took his silver and retired. This site needs a new name -- he has dishonored all that this site stands for. In my view.

Robert Steele

Phi Beta Iota the Public Intelligence Blog
"The truth at any cost lowers all other costs."

ummmmm..... no



Posted my comment

before I read yours. Democracy is a dirty word!


thats a step in the right direction.

now lets start educating our kids.


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This is a fantastic interview

If liberal populists, conservative populists, and libertarians could ever get together it would be a powerful social movement.

The Debate on the 23rd

Is going to be the big one between the "3rd" Party candidates, and will have present Gary Johnson, Virgil Goode, Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson - we've got a fast growing list of sponsors lining up to help promote it too, the progressive magazine The Nation just signed on, and Link TV will broadcast...we're working on more, much more!!!


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well half of the third party candidates

Jill Stein of the Green party and Rocky Anderson of the Justice party will be on the show. Neither Gary Johnson nor Virgil Goode will be present. Surprised?

So they want democracy now...

So they want democracy now... as long as it's left-leaning?

Pretty much, yes. This is

Pretty much, yes. This is NPR, it's just as establishment as any of the other networks, but it tends to be ever so slightly more sophisticated and definately a bit 'liberal' in the common use of the word.

Still, if I can screen out the raging bias and illiteracy on Faux News and still get some value, it's no harder to screen the slightly more sophisticated, and less often illiterate, biases of NPR as well.