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Need Help with conversation

need some help here. Me and my brothers friend which is 23 are having a little battle over my facebook post in which I said I wont be watching the debate.

HIM: Why arnt you watching?

ME: I dont see the point...

HIM: To form a better opinion and overall better perspective on one of the two men who is going to run our country for at least the next 4 years? Even if you dislike them both its still important to know your politicians. One of the reasons we are in a ****ty situation is because we vote without doing our due diligence of investigating our politicians and instead vote based of media bias and their "likability."

ME: I'm not really all for the 2 party system...Romney and Obama are just different sides of the same coin.

HIM: Ignoring reality will only make you ignorant bro.

Gimme something to say back to him. Can be short, or can be really long...prefer a long response so I can educate him THANKS!

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what you think about the Ron

what you think about the Ron Paul supporter(s) voting for Romney just because they hate Obama?

Why bother? They're just going to go back on whatever they say

in a few months anyway.

No one holds anyone accountable.

No one holds themselves accountable.

Why waste part of my life on those two assholes?

It doesn't matter which one wins. Life is going to suck because ONE of them did.

Their policies are identical. Not in what they will say, but I can already tell you how either will govern - just like Obama is governing now and just like Bush and Clinton and Bush and Reagan et al did before them - as puppets.

They don't "change" a damned thing that's important.

Romney and Obama will both continue the same failed policies.

Thus there is NO POINT to watching this debate.

If only Obama and Pelosi were debating, would you watch?

If only Romney and McCain were debating, would you watch?

No? I contend the four are identical in policy they will implement and the manner in which they will govern.

Makes no difference at all which one wins or what they say tonight. None.


I understand all that but as our system stands now we are left with these two extremes and ignoring the system and thinking that not voting or voting for a 3rd party is going to do something is useless right now. Our Media and our government decide our politicians and instead of having people rally up against this shit hole government they instead blame only wall street and corporations. But back to my original argument even though, I agree, this system sucks its still important to learn and understand the candidates that was you know their shit. That's all I'm saying.

Your brother is correct

Watch how Romney starts talking like Ron Paul..

Been paying attention bro

for the past few years. I know Romney very well by now. There's Nothing I can learn in a couple hours of staged presentation that I don't already know about him and his policies.

The only way I'd watch, if if you and me sit next to each other so I can let you know all the times both of them are lying or leaving the "rest of the story" out.

We may need to record it so we can rewind after it's done... they tend to go over the lies and ommissions rapidly so nobody catches on so they can make their soundbite points.

Your friend's brother sounds

Your friend's brother sounds like a moron, bro.

I used to encourage people to vote, until this past year.
I encourage dissent now.

Southern Agrarian

i would say that

only the truely ignorant don't already know that tptb have picked their candidates, scripted the debates, and controlled the major parties with their money.

only a truely ignorant person would listen to what these two puppets have to say and beleive that they really mean any of it.

only a truely ignorant person would not know that both the major party candidates support the same things, such as, ndaa, fiat money, military interventionism, crony capitalism, and corporate fascism.

the time for due dilligence is long before we are stuck with two, major party, candidates that only watch out for the monied interests and could care less about the citizens of this country or the country itself.

there is nothing that either one of these puppets could say that would change my opinion of how corrupt they and their system is, because i know that they are only pandering for a vote and haven't got an honest bone in their bodies.

ignoring reality is what has left our constitution in a shambles and our freedoms in jeopardy.

i've done my due diligence and the reality is, a vote for either of the major party annointed candidates is a vote for tyranny.

write in Ron Paul to restore the constitution!

tptb: the powers to be?

tptb: the powers to be?


The Powers That Be

Ignorance is rooted in the word IGNOR.. so by ignoring you become ignorant.


so you, granger, should stop ignoring all the people on the DP that tell you how assinine it is to say that a vote for romney empowers Ron Paul republicans. maybe then you wouldn't be so ignorant.

voting romney for Ron Paul republicans is like fornicating for abstinence...it just don't make sense.

wow thanks! I dont think

wow thanks!

I dont think anyone else can top this lol