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Put Yourself in the Shoes of Liberty Delegates...Imagine what they went through.

I thought it would be neat to address what those of us in the liberty movement have been through the last few months, especially those of us who have been delegates.

Let’s go back to the beginning of this year – or before – for some context. I am going to paint a picture here and I want you to put yourself in this position.

Imagine that you have always just voted at the ballot box on election day, thinking you are doing all you can to make your voice heard.

Imagine that you realize how horrible a place our nation is in and you look around at your family, your friends, your siblings, and our soldiers and want to do more for them.

Imagine that you find out you can actually do more than just voting at the ballot box to make your voice heard.

Imagine that you are encouraged to get involved and become a delegate. So you do. You become a state delegate at your county convention, without even knowing all that it entails, but you go to every step of the process at your state level – county convention, district convention, committee meetings and finally state convention.

Imagine that in preparing for these conventions you work many long, sleepless hours coordinating with political activists from across your state to strive for the best strategy, for the correct rules, and for a fair process.

Imagine that you and a committee of people from across your state spend hours putting together a national delegate slate of truly conservative Republicans.

Imagine that once you arrive at the state convention, you and the rest of your political activists from across your state realize that we have the numbers to win the national delegates.

Imagine that as the state convention goes on, rules are broken time and again, and over 200 individuals are added to the credential roll, therefore throwing out the possibility of a win.

Imagine that national delegates are elected by the state Party through breaking multiple rules.

Imagine sitting in the state convention, as a first time delegate, watching this go on and wondering if this is the way it always is.

Imagine that you, and your fellow patriots, are encouraged to go out to the parking lot to finish the state convention, because business was not properly finished inside.

Imagine that you stand outside for 5 hours to make sure every rule is followed and every order of business of your state convention is conducted.

Imagine that you are elected according to the rules to be a national delegate for the state of Oklahoma in this parking lot convention.

Imagine that your fellow political activists bring a complaint against your state Party, only to be dismissed – and a message to be sent basically saying “following the rules doesn’t matter.”

Imagine that you spend countless hours with fellow patriots transcribing videos & writing the minutes of the convention in the parking lot.

Imagine that you take time out of your day to attend the OK GOP delegation meeting – because you are a rightfully elected delegate.

Imagine that between your state convention and the months leading up to the RNC, you work tirelessly with delegates from around the Country to make sure a candidate who has fought so hard for our freedoms, is nominated at the RNC.

Imagine that a month before the Republican National Convention, yourself and 12 others file a contest against the election of delegates at the state convention to the RNC Committee on Contests.

Imagine that the 13 who filed the contest feel it should be an easy win – so you just focus on the one obvious rule break. If it was in a court of law, you would have won immediately.

Imagine the shock when you receive a response from the RNC committee on contests just 10 days later ruling against you and ruling in favor of breaking the rules.

Imagine that you have the opportunity to appeal the ruling and present your case in front of a panel of 9 individuals. So you get up and go down to Tampa days sooner than you had planned to fight for what is right, so that the truth can be known.

Imagine realizing that these individuals at the RNC, truly do not care about rules being followed or about what is right, when you receive word, after presenting your case in front of this panel, that you have been ruled against yet again.

Imagine deciding to take this on to the last step you possibly can appeal it to – the credentials committee – and staying up into the early morning hours to finish your case.

Imagine sitting in the credentials committee listening to a case brought forward against the Maine delegation who was rightfully elected.

Imagine listening to the powerful case from the rightfully elected delegates as to why they should be seated and to dismiss the unlawful charges brought against them.

Imagine watching the vast majority of this body of 112 delegates completely and utterly reject the will of the people of Maine. A group of 9 individuals on the RNC committee on contests and a body of 112 delegates overruled the voice of 1,800 people from Maine.

Imagine presenting your case, and watching only 1 delegate out of the entire body, stand up for your case.

Imagine realizing the depth of the hatred and disregard for the rules of the Party when your case is struck down only moments after you present it. You thought these people would use their brains to listen to what you had to say, but instead they agree with a panel of 9 that it doesn’t matter if rules are broken. It’s so sad and so sickening.

Imagine watching your Party despise the rules, break the rules and flagrantly disregard the voice of the people – the delegates – the following week at the RNC.

Imagine staying up into the late hours of the night with delegates from across the Nation to make sure bad rules were overturned, and to educate delegates on what needed to be done at the RNC.

Imagine knowing that the troop’s choice for President was submitted for nomination – Congressman Ron Paul. Knowing that he had more than the required number of states and that it was submitted well within the timeframe needed, only to never allow his name to be nominated from the floor.

This is what I and my fellow delegates, friends and patriots went through this year and in Tampa at the Republican National Convention.

While so much of what I focused on had to do with Oklahoma, the terrible things that those of us in the liberty movement went through this year, happened across the Nation and in many different states.

I know that the Champion of the Constitution, Ron Paul, was cheated out of the nomination, but this is not about Ron Paul supporters vs the Republican Party, because I am a Republican. This is about the future of our nation and the future of my Party.

Do you realize why people like myself got politically involved? It is because I’m not going to sit by and watch our nation be destroyed by politicians who don’t care. I care for our soldiers who are dying as they are sent to useless wars. I care for the lives of unborn babies who are aborted by the thousands. I care for the lives of my brothers, sisters, family, friends and all of you – my fellow citizens.

The reason we fought so hard for months to elect Ron Paul was because of this passion and this care for you. The reason we went through all the hatred that we did was because we wanted to make a difference and elect someone who might restore America. Now that he is no longer a candidate, it does not mean I give up. No, I must continue to fight for the principles that I believe in, which Ron Paul supported. What I have seen has made it so that I cannot give up, because things must change.

What I have witnessed the last few months has been eye opening. I’ve realized the work we have to do is not just that we need a new President who actually keeps his oath to the Constitution, but we also have to work to change things down at the lowest level. Politicians who don’t care about the will of the people go all the way down to the Party level.

In the days leading up to the RNC, there were delegate strategy meetings across Tampa – in restaurants, at people’s houses and hotels. Delegates stayed up until 5am distributing information about why the delegates should not vote for the rule changes and why they should allow Maine to be seated.

As I was sitting in the RNC that awful Tuesday of August 28th, when the RNC completely ran over the voice of the delegates, I was watching delegates and guests being completely jubilant over everything going on there. It was baffling to watch these people be so lighthearted about all of this. It was as if they were oblivious to the magnitude of what was going on around them. I was sitting there wondering why we had spent all that time and effort, when ultimately it was not even a Convention – but rather a coronation that was scripted. I realized right then, we have a lot of work to do – even down at the level of informing voters. It seemed as if everything we had done had just gone up in smoke. But, we did what was right and what needed to be done, even though the Republican Party decided to turn their back on it and do everything they possibly could to silence the people.

That terrible Tuesday, many people left feeling defeated and ready to give up. I can sympathize with them, as I was in tears for hours. The magnitude of how far the Party that I have always been registered in has strayed from our platform and principles was overwhelming.

But, we absolutely cannot give up. If anyone was hoping the liberty movement would go away because of our disgust for the RNC’s disregard of the rules and the disenfranchisement of delegates, they were sorely wrong. What it did for most of us, was motivate us to stay involved, and become the Republican Party.

Before we can even begin to consider fixing the problems in Washington, we need to look at our own Party. How can our Party expect to change our nation when we can’t even uphold our own rules and listen to the voice of the people?

It’s time we stand up for what is right, even if it means we have to acknowledge where we are wrong. It’s time we hold people accountable for their actions. It’s time we actually make our Party platform mean something. It’s time we stop electing candidates who don’t stand for the principles that are in our platform. It’s time we tell our elected officials, if you don’t uphold your oath to the Constitution and abide by our Party platform, we will vote you out! It’s time we stand on OUR principles and if that means not voting for a candidate, because he doesn’t abide by our Party platform, then that’s what we need to do.

To be able to make a difference in the downward spiral our nation is going down, things have to change. And it begins at the local and Party level by standing up for what is right. If we stand up for what is right at the lowest level, the politicians in Washington won’t be able to continue doing what they are doing. I trust by God’s grace, if we do this, that sooner than later we will be able to elect candidates who stand for the principles that the Republican Party is supposed to stand for, and uphold our Constitution.

The battle wounds many of us have from the last few months are numerous. It hasn’t been an easy journey, in the slightest. But, it has been worth it. If we don’t stand up for liberty and the truth, who will?

We have a long road ahead of us to restore the Republican Party to the principles this Nation was founded on – Freedom & the Constitution. But, we must stand up for protecting life, liberty & property, which means the journey of restoring liberty to the Republican Party has only just begun.

I hope you all will continue with me in this fight for liberty and what is right.

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