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The Debate: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

Moderator: Welcome to tonight's debate. Here's the first question for both candidates. Would you be willing to destroy the dollar to save the economy?"

Barack Obama: If putting Americans back to work requires debasing the national currency, I’ll support a money supply large enough to provide ever American with a job.

Mitt Romney: Because I’m reluctant to raise taxes or reduce spending, currency expansion is the best way to spur economic growth. Money printing around the globe will do a great deal to encourage job creation.

Moderator: If war with Iran is inevitable, when do you plan to order a first strike?

Barack Obama: America’s commitment to Israel will never waiver. To protect our Middle Eastern ally, a strike can be ordered at any time—if not sooner.

Mitt Romney: When it comes to Iran, every option is on the table should Israel’s national security be threatened. If it takes a first strike to prevent a war, that’s what I’ll do.

Moderator: What civil rights should be infringed to protect the freedoms of Americans?

Barack Obama: Listen. I know how important freedom is to the American people. Therefore, I’m willing to sacrifice every individual right to protect freedom for all.

Mitt Romney: Unlike my opponent, I’ll immediately revoke every right to ensure that Americans don’t lose their freedoms. No ifs, ands or buts, unlike my opponent.

Moderator: That concludes tonight’s debate. Americans now must choose between these two very different candidates based upon their starkly contrasting views.

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I only watched a few minutes

I only watched a few minutes but rmoney is actually doing some work.

Too bad they will never talk about topics and offer real answers.

I wish one time a question about the Fed or the NDAA would come up.

I don't understand this

Why are you using two different names for the same guy?

-quiet engineer

Mitt Obama and Barack Romney

That's how I originally identified the political twins.

I always liked Obamney

I always liked Obamney

The Long Legged Mac Daddy is getting his

arse kicked by ole Mitt

"You Cannot Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come"

northstar's picture

Live link


Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

Presidential debate drinking

Presidential debate drinking game:

1 sip of water for every instance of the word "job"
1 sip of water every time you hear the word "economy"
1 shot of whiskey every time Romney mentions "private sector"

who am i kidding, this is a death sentence not a drinking game.


Pretty much spot on!

Two sides of the same coin!

That's funny

Well done!

Starkly contrasting views!!

That's a good one, hahaha!

Love thy enemy.