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Ron Paul: Gary Johnson should be in the debate

around the 2m 30s mark


Thanks SFTS for the link.

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We still have influence in the marketplace

Contact Anheuser-Busch and Southwest Airlines to boycott their sponsorship of the debates - two companies have already responded and dropped out. I just called Southwest Airlines and they even took down my rewards program number - it sounds like they are getting enough calls on this that they have a system of recording how many customers are calling. Especially if you have a rewards program number call them!!!! Here are the numbers and info:


It makes me sick to think that most people think this is a free

country and we have this wonderful "democracy." Our fellow citizens are too stupid to realize that this is supposed to be a republic.

They go along with destroying the dollar and the stupid idea that we are spreading wonderful "democracy" around the world.

A candidate not bought and

A candidate not bought and paid by the multinational corporations and banks is not allowed, because he/she will stray from the 3x5 card of acceptable talking points. God forbid they mention the Fed or blowback!

Any third party candidate couldn't do worse than those two turds. That was 90 minutes of terrible television.

obamney lover's voted you

obamney lover's voted you down ,voted you back up!

Gary Johnson 2012 over Obamney!

Ron Paul 2016

Others should be in the debates too

Ron didn't single out GJ. He actually said he and the green party should be in the debates. It was obvious he was not endorsing just GJ to be there as your headline suggests.


please show me in the

please show me in the original op where he said ron paul is endorsing gary? i must of missed it.

Ron Paul 2016

who said ron paul singled gj

who said ron paul singled gj out not the op. why do you continue to circle jerk? why are you trolling gj treads? i support write-ins in states that actaully count them

i have to assume you love romney or love sims/ps3!

ron paul circle jerkin trolls= ron paul trolls who are pissed we will not write in ron paul in states that do not count write-ins.

It must really bother you we are not voting for obamney but are actually supporting a candidate on the ballot


Ron Paul 2016

the headline doesn't suggest

the headline doesn't suggest what you imply, please stop jacking off to ron paul all the time.

Ron Paul 2016

negative voting me down

negative voting me down doesn't change the fact. your full of bs. no one said what your implying in op. your just a circle jerk or a romney supporter!

Ron Paul 2016

sorry to mess your little wet

sorry to mess your little wet dream up, but ron paul likes gary johnson and has said many times he is a great candidate for Liberty!!

I saw the thread and said let m,e guess all the ron paul circle jerkin's will post and i was correct.

Circle Jerks, new term for ron paul supporters bashing gary.

Ron Paul 2016

angry at paul for not endorsing johnson.. quoting paul when

convenient.. angry at paul for not endorsing johnson.. quoting paul when convenient..

mad at paul.. not mad at paul.. mad at paul.. not mad at paul.. mad at paul again.. then not mad at paul

i think history has shown that sissies don't change this country

Not at all angry

I do not put any expectation on Ron Paul to endorse Gary Johnson. Personally I don't think he should. I think it would not be good for the gains the liberty movement has achieved in the Republican Party. I'm not talking just about Rand Paul. But every inch of ground gained from Justin Amash all the way down to The Granger.

Libertarians like myself who are supporting Johnson now that Paul is no longer a candidate, put many years of time, money, and sweat into helping Ron Paul grow the liberty message within the Republican Party. We worked hard to build up our Republican allies, and have a lot of sacrifice and investment in the ground we've gained to the right. We don't want to lose an inch of those gains. We want them to grow. We want as many friends across the aisle as we can get.

Like it or not Ron Paul Republicans, Libertarians are, and have been, a better friend and closer ally to you than 2/3rds of your own party has been.


Fancy Shmancy Fine Print:

no one is angry if paul

no one is angry if paul doesn't endorse gary johnson. i never expected his endorsement. We would like his endorsement but ron paul is not running. I did what i could to get ron paul on the colorado ballot but it feel on deaf ears in july. I will be voting for who is on the ballot in colorado, Gary Johnson

On the same note i will not vote for anyone endorsing obamney(romney)

circle jerkin ron paulers remind me of zombie romney lovers! They should vote on sims/ps3. there vote will count there.

where are all those write-in folks. When we could of gotten Ron Paul on a legal ballot, oo yeah ron paul would have to sign off on colorado and many states or it wouldn't of happened!

folks crying over us voting for gary. should use a tissue write ron paul on it and flush. That is how much their vote will count unless they are in maine and a few other states.

Ron Paul 2016

LIBERTY2ME's picture

Are there any updates on the

Are there any updates on the lawsuit for GJ to be in the debates? I thought a response had to be made before the debates tonight.

Gary Johnson or no president

no compliance with the other two traitors simple as that.

So that means...

we rally around the traitor with the L next to his name instead?

I don't play, I commission the league.

please explain how you call

please explain how you call gary johnson a traitor. any specifics? What makes gary a traitor? very curious to hear this.

Ron Paul 2016

dear circle jerk, how is gary

dear circle jerk, how is gary a traitor? ron paul likes a traitor? You circle jerks are getting old. The circle jerks on this site are worse then neo-cons and status quo establishment seriously. how sad when a republican can say "so called" ron paul purists aka circle jerks are worse then establishment leaders!

Ron Paul 2016

Are you implying that Ron

Are you implying that Ron Paul likes traitors? Because Ron has said that he likes Gary Johnson.

Not to mention Ron Paul ran

Not to mention Ron Paul ran as a Libertarian then went back to the GOP. Is he a traitor too?


RON PAUL should be in the debates.

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.

You have to umm.. *Run for

You have to umm.. *Run for President* to be included in the debates I think. Past this point Ron Paul hasn't given any indication he actually wants people to vote for him..

I think he gave it all up for that douche bag son of his, who probably will never get my vote.

voted you up,totally agree

voted you up,totally agree with you. As a republican. The gop will be held accountable for their unethical and illegal actions toward americans,republicans and ron paul for life.

The best way i can hold the cogop/gop accountable with my vote in COLORADO is Gary Johnson over Obamney.

Ron Paul 2016


Good doc would be in these debates if not for Jesse Benton's work and his ilk.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

voted you back up. The circle

voted you back up. The circle jerks cannot stand we will not write-in a vote in a state that doesn't count them. circle jerks hate liberty and freedom and gary. I guess they are so upset that their candidate is not on the ballot. They have to find gary threads and bash liberty votes! sadly alot of circle jerks call themselves ron pauler's.

Circle Jerks, people calling themselves ron pauler's but bash folks voting for Gary johnson Over Obamney. Circle Jerks are ron paul purists and romney lovers on dp bashing gary threads and gary voters!!

Ron Paul 2016

Great comment section here

Knowledge and love for liberty are prevailing.

He Basically Said Jill Stein Should Be In The Debate Too

His position in 2008 was that any candidate who is on ballots sufficient to secure 50%+ of the electoral votes should be in the debates.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

she should be!

The real debate in this Country is Libertarian - Green. The dems and repubs are on the out.

case in point

there shouldnt be only 2 people in the debates.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

This will be

This will be reality-shattering news for the League of Anti-Gary Johnson Trolls here.