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Airline to help upset voters leave the U.S. -- for free

"An airline says it will help voters distraught over backing the losing candidate in next month's presidential contest flee the country — for free."


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self edit

American airlines

Now offers a bag of bolts along with a bag of nuts.

Slight problem...

I can't choose Ron Paul or Gary Johnson as my candidate. They don't even allow "none of the above". Lame!

round-trip ticket?

if you want to leave the country all you need is a one-way ticket.

It's obviously a gag.

I hear the weather

Is nice in Guantanamo in November. And all inclusive.

yeah, and the next days headline will read:

"Airliner Goes Down Over Ocean In Unexplained Crash"

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

I think they will have a valid explanation

such as...
A DRONE on a peaceful mission accidently collided with a passenger plane that was carrying more than 250 spies, causing it to crash into the Atlantic Ocean.

Unfortunately, the IRS will

Unfortunately, the IRS will greet you at the gate if you get any ideas about becoming an ex-pat.