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The 10/3/12 Presidential Debate (Formerly titled "Tonight's Debate")

For those who prefer to KNOW what's going on: Tonight's Debate


It's allready funny..

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I look forward to hearing Romney steal Ron Paul's message.

Sorry but it is all talk and no action. Yes, you are right he

is stealing Ron's message but it is only so he can win more votes. He sure won't be winning most of Ron Paul supporter votes after the way he treated and cheated our delegates including all the corruption etc.


Commentater said Michell walked over to Ann

That's NOT what I saw. Exactly the opposite.

Those that watch

Keep track of the pants on fire answers.

Michelle Obama is talking now

About her wedding..

How are your ears not

How are your ears not bleeding?

Southern Agrarian

Michelle looks worried

Looks to me, MSM is setting Romney up to win.

Boycott the Duopoly Debate

The so-called Commission on Presidential Debates as a duopoly - its a rigged system! Don't give the beast any meat!

Boycott the Duopoly debate, RSVP on Facebook or anonymously: http://www.libertynorth.org

Fight for your right to IGNOR

Who needs to be dumbed down when you can ignor and become ignorant yourself. eh?

I'll be watching.

So do you think your man Mitt has to 'win' this debate?

He's not my man

He's not who I became a Republican for.. but now that I am a Republican, I want him to beat Obama.. what is surprizing to me, is all this much ado about Romney on CNN... Seems MSM is really buttering us up for Romney.. I can hardley believe what I'm hearing.. going to be hard for Obama unless they start talking about Obama.. but so far, it's the Romney show.