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Why Did The Republican Party WANT to Lose This Presidential Election?

What do you think?

I think they have Obama doing exactly what they want: NDAA, playing to big oil, big banks, etc. - they win with either Romney or Obama. I also think that's what gave Obama a bump over Hilary ... deals with the devil in 2008. Just an idea.

Your thoughts?

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Simple answer: they didn't.

Republicans, like Democrats, are power-hungry crooks. Even though they have the same agenda, the people in both parties want all the power to themselves (as well as the ability to reward THEIR circle of crooks with money from the public trough).

The theory about throwing elections and making deals with the devil is a classic case of overthinking it. Nobody would spend this much time and money and deal with the destruction of their reputation in order to lose an election on purpose. The GOP loves Willard because he's a bland, ball-less man who wouldn't do a thing to change the current agenda.

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