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Ron Paul Gives His Pre-Debate Analysis - CNBC 10/03/2012

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I love Ron Paul. These yahoos

I love Ron Paul. These yahoos in the media keep trying to paint this as a vote between two widely different ideologies, as they do every election, and Ron Paul comes and exposes the charade by explaining these parties are just two wings of the same bird of prey. They don't know how to handle a truth teller like Ron Paul.

Whoever the last guy was to

Whoever the last guy was to ask Ron Paul questions needs to bash his head against a desk until something useful comes out.

"Is it true you are not going to fully support Romney?" Great journalism, asking the really tough questions. Thanks for that blinding flash of the obvious.

Consider for a moment...

This is the presidential reality show. The two candidates probably tossed a coin, Romney won, Romney takes the lead in the first debate. Obama will win the second debate and the third debate will be a tie.

We won't even talk about Ryan debating an idiot like Joe Biden, unless Biden lets loose with a bunch of sexually charged jokes. It will be good for a laugh (if it wasn't so sad).

A Presidential reality show, good analogy

They are missing the panel of judges and the interaction of the audience.

I wouldn't vote for Rombombya

Even if they paid me! Oh yeah, forgot that's EXACTLY what they do! Pay people to vote for them. Romney uses cash and Obama uses phones! Hah!


Dr. Paul provided THE best

Dr. Paul provided THE best debate preview anywhere. The two bozos should have to display who they sold out to like, NASCAR drivers. A Goldman Sachs patch there, a Bank of Amerika match there, a Department of Fatherland Security patch with the Halliburton and Lockheed Martin logos included, and so on. No difference except maybe in the margins. Obama will invade two countries and Romney will invade three. Wow, big choice.

Libertarian and Green

"If you wanted a real debate they probably should have had the Libertarian and the Green party. Now that would have been real exciting!"

exactly what I have been saying :-)

Ron Paul Should Not Have Been So "Nice" And DESTROYED Romney

Ron Paul Should Not Have Been So "Nice" And DESTROYED Romney.

Wisdom Strategies

BRAVO RON PAUL! Love You and Miss You! Thanks for educationing

the TV zombies!



This was an awesome interview with Ron Paul, as usual. So glad he stuck to his guns that Mittens and Obama are twins and that Mitt IS EVEN WORSE on foreign policy rhetoric.

If Robomney changes his staunchest positions 180 degrees ... then maybe Ron Paul would reconsider the possibility of endorsing him. Ha!

He was dead-on that some of his supporters will be writing in his own name. Like me!

My only question is why didn't Dr. Paul name the Libertarian candidate by name? There could be people watching who would connect much better with the alternative candidate if they heard "vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson" the way they heard "vote for Obama".

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Ron Paul is Nuts!

He called those bozo's "gentlemen" Hahahahah. (This is a joke to you that can't get it)


Like a boss

As usual

Dr. Paul was right on with

Dr. Paul was right on with his prediction. We didn't here any new ideas or any plans to change foreign or monetary policy. Just the same old rhetoric. If Dr. Paul or Gary Johnson had been part of the debate we could have heard some ideas for real change.

Once again...

...he got it right!

Good video!

Good video!

Ron is on at 7:00