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UPDATE: Turkey's parliament authorises military action in Syria



Turkey PM’s office says Turkish artillery fired on Syria after shelling of Turkish town


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Time to see...

how some of this "cool stuff"...shunted both under and above the table from the US...actually works! Then they'll need to buy more!

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

False Flag...No says the MSM parrots....Its all going to...

be part of the Middle East Union some day, with a new currency. Mcdonalds and Burger kings serving up Coca-cola on every corner.

And with Syria being Iran's closest Ally, They can't get in the way of the banksters vision for the future.

Crony Capitalism and Desmocracy for all. Liberty for Just-us, the select few.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Israel needs a path through

Syria to launch a successful attack on Iran. Any other route would entail risky aerial refueling operations which would leave them sitting like ducks. Israel fears a public relations failure more than they fear Iran having nukes so you can take it to the bank they will have a clear path through Syria to guarantee a successful raid.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

my hunch:

we're dragging Turkey into it and there will be an all out Middle East war. With the chaos and confusion, Israel and the U.S. will bomb Iran,Pakistan and North Korea's "Nucleur"programs

Here is your false flag

Gets NATO into Syria because of the NATO compact. I just hope we send the Spaniards or the Greeks to fight. There are a lot of young guys there with nothing else better to do. And they've already got the Molotov cocktails.

It'll be good for their economy!

The parrots would say, but knowing their history I'm sure the Greeks would rather fight the Turks. ;)


Our government had al Quida fire at Turkey, the Turkish government fires back, blaming Syria, and there is our excuse. So transparent! I think this is the beginning of our invasion in to both Syria and Iran! This will be a bigger deal than what we think. This is scary!

You Want to See Scary?

Go to this site and scroll down to Obama's executive orders SO FAR!




Have a hard time believing anything that is said by the MSN, I find myself more wondering what their motivation for each story is.

Go ottoman empire!! Haha let

Go ottoman empire!! Haha let the middle east worrie about itself


a UN puppet.

Guess what, not long ago

Guess what, not long ago Turkey was "heavily criticized" by MSM for being a "close ally to Russia", "being anti-European", "anti NATO", I really beleive that. What a bunch of lies, really, can't trust MSM on NOTHING, absolutely nothing.